Cows Make Milk

My not-exactly 5-year old loves cows. He sleeps with a stuffed cow named Kaiser (that’s the name he came with, I swear) and begged me to take him to the county fair so he could see cows live and in person.

He likes their teats.

Go ahead-make the “you breastfed him too long” joke or the “a man who knows what he likes” as I’m over it. Whatever the reason, the boy really, really, really is udder obsessed.

Thus began my (and Nana’s) search for a stuffed cow with udders. It’s been a good year of searching, at least. You’d be surprised how many stuffed cows are out there, and how zero of them have udders.

Enter Sim from I met Sim at Blog World Expo in Vegas and while I was *supposed* to be talking business, I was instead explaining to him how his company’s mascot, Bessie, would make my son the happiest little boy on planet earth.

Time passed.

I continued to use Utterz (if you haven’t yet, go check it out, it’s fun) and exchanged a few emails with Sim here and there.

Then a box arrived at my door, and my son’s world changed forever:


  1. Wanna know what’s funny and coincidental about this post?

    My daughter (just 4) TODAY started drawing cows…with big, gigantic, pink utters.

    I cracked up at the pictures…then read this post!


  3. My daughter loves cows too – but I dont’ think we’ve ever discussed udders before…

    Those stuffed animals are so cute – I want one!

  4. OMG, that made me so happy that I can’t look!

  5. This post is udderly disgusting. I can’t believe what I’ve herd. It’s a bunch of bull! You’re just trying to milk readership from your kid’s reaction.

    It isn’t even punny.

  6. We got some COWS!

    Yes, you sure do.


  7. Jackson is my kind of kid. I’ve collected cows for years. Since I was in high school. It’s a love for my Dairland. Now if only California would stop claiming that cows are happier there, I’d be so happy I’d have to cover my eyes, too!


    I think you should send me your address, I’ve got a cow that the Count would love. 😀

  8. dood, is that other cow pleasuring himself in that last picture?!

  9. How sweet that he sent that toy for the Count!

    And the movie Barnyard bothers me because the male “cows” have udders. I guess in the Count’s perfect world, they would all have them…

  10. I am 15 nearly 16 and obbsessed with drawing cow udders. I’ve got a giant painted one on my wall and I draw them on everything. Ive always wondered if anyone else is obbsessed and now i know i’m not, i’m really happy! Thank you sooooo much!!! x

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