The Fort That Ate My Front Room

I’ve come a long way baby.

There was a time any sort of mess freaked me out. If you came over for dinner I would take and clean your glass before you were finished drinking.

Now I can hang, to a degree, with toys all over and various forts in each room. I really need to vent about this latest Count Waffle’s creation though-as it has now consumed every square inch of our playroom (aka the front room) and every pillow, blanket, toy in the house.

It has plumbing people. Tubes that used to be wrapping paper holders and a toy keyboard stand. While I applaud and encourage my son’s inventions, I need to draw the line somewhere. I’m thinking this thing can’t expand beyond the playroom. I’m also going to need to vacuum, eventually.


  1. LOL. That is one heck of a fort. I guess the bright side is that he’s only chosen to move to the floor and not out of the house 🙂

    btw, my mom is notorious for stealing your glass and putting in the sink before you’ve finished.

  2. The really amazing thing is that if you move ONE item even an INCH, the child will know!

  3. Wow. Kudos to you for allowing this creativity! I don’t know if I could’ve and I know MY mom never would’ve.

  4. That’s an impressive fort.

    Maybe you can join him in the fort and ask the Kaiser to bring you your meals there?

  5. He can support you in your dotage with his thriving architecture practice.

  6. I’m glad you got over that silly phobia about having a messy house.

    My 11-year-old STILL likes to make forts.

  7. looks like most of my house at the moment. I was a neat freak and married one the first time around in life. That lead us to no children and a very clean house. Now remarried to a non neat freak and we have 2 children and a very creative mess in our house. Yes I call it a creative mess or our creative disaster…whatever mood I am in. I love that you were brave enough to take a picture…I am not that brave however.

  8. I had that same fort in my living room last week. They must have used matching floor plans!

  9. You are a braver woman than me. Clutter makes me what to cry. I do love the creativity though. Would Count Waffles design my next house?

  10. That’s how Dawson’s bedroom looks every day. I’ve cleaned it so many times, and he just trashes it within minutes. I’ve given up.

    but Yay, Count Waffles! Very creative.

  11. pic! i wanna see a pic! (assuming it’s still up)

    (i found your blog b/c i was looking up super why, my 2-yr-old’s new favorite show)


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