Maybe My Mom Will Help Too

Looks like I’m not entirely crazy. My favorite part of the article is how they reference “party elders” as though there is also a secret knock and hazing ritual.

I nominate my Mom to help. She’ll whip their butts into unity so fast it will make your head spin.

In fact, I nominate just about all the Moms I know. I mean really, we handle needy, self-centered, spoiled, ego-maniacs all day. We force them to share. We force them to play nice. We put them in time-outs for negative attacks.

Can you imagine Obama and Clinton in a room stomping their feet saying “but it’s MY nomination! MINE MINE MINE?”

Now sweetie, I know you have the Superdelegates, but Barack did get the people’s vote.

And yes honey, I know you won Iowa, but Hillary took Michigan and Florida. I know we told you they wouldn’t count, but Daddy changed his mind. Sometimes life isn’t fair.

So long as they get their act together, because I really don’t want to be saying…

I’m sorry honey, but you were too busy fighting with your sister, and that mean old McCain came and took your Presidency. Maybe next time you’ll learn to work as a team.


  1. Mean old McCain…that’s my biggest fear. We damn D’s just love to give the elections away.

  2. I’m sorry but I’m laughing so hard because it’s too true! Heh.

    I don’t want mean old McCain either, but I’m afraid that’s probably what we’ll end up with.

  3. Mean old McCain!! Hee-hee! You have to admit, though, it will be exciting to see if he cusses out Hillary or Obama in a debate before the general election.

  4. HA! We’ll whip their butts into shape!

    Stealth takeover at the convention, anyone?

  5. Well, my only real problem with your post is when you write: “I’m sorry honey, but you were too busy fighting with your sister, and that mean old McCain came and took your Presidency.”

    Honestly, it’s not anyone’s Presidency. Not even after they “win” the office. I get so frustrated with candidates, on BOTH sides, that talk about “taking back OUR White House” or “MY Presidency” etc.. I understand rhetoric, but I can’t help but think this is also a window into the ego maniacal souls of the candidates.

  6. To the Queen

    Perhaps you shouldn’t worry so much at this point. Steven is right. It isn’t anyone’s presidency. There is only one candidate in this primary that seems to think that. Perhaps that’s why many in the family are a bit upset with her and look more fondly on the younger boy.

    Still, if we discount her efforts at this point, and force her to give up, what does that say about the marketplace of ideas?

    And remember, rules are rules. Daddy doesn’t have a right to unilaterally change his mind.

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