Almost There Babbling From The Airport

If you are on the phone with the talented Maria of ConsumerPop, you may want to pay closer attention to your children.
I’m just sayin’

-because mine tied each other up.

With a jump rope.

And if that were not enough, my daughter has decide, as of late,  to give me a very Valley-looking “whatever Mom” face while dressing up and carrying a purse. I’m screwed, yes. I know. Thanks.

I’m in the Atlanta Airport. I have not slept. A very nice woman sitting next to me on the flight from LA to ATL started snoozing about 3 minutes after take off and then leaned herself on my entire right side.

The next three hours and 29 minutes were spent gently nudging her off.

And then coughing loudly to wake her up.

And then jiggling my shoulder a bit.

And then shifting my hips.

And then literally dropping my shoulder to make her fall.

And then doing it all over again, and again, and again for 3 hours and 29 minutes.

And I would curl up and sleep here in the A T L but um, there is this SPOTLIGHT over my head and every seat that has an electrical outlet near it seems to also have a SPOTLIGHT overhead.

My only saving grace is Anderson Cooper on the airport TV telling me all about John McCain’s alleged Monica.

I miss my kids already. Kaiser tells me the boy seems to have bruised/blood-blistered his lip. This happened less than 2 hours of my leaving them in his care. Just sayin’.

Oh, and the girl has been coughing. Out of nowhere. All night since I left.

The more tired I become, the more incoherent this blog post seems. Hmmm.


  1. Sounds like soooo much fun. Not.

  2. The photo of Princess Peanut in that waist coat is so darn cute…it definitely brings a much needed smile to my face.

    And I’m sorry about the sleepy woman on the plane. I had a similar experience on a Greyhound bus a long time ago (college, I think). It was awful. Except in my case, a child threw up on me. On a fricken bus. Yucka.

    Here’s hoping you caught some Zzz’s and the rest of the trip goes well!

  3. De-lurking to tell a similar story. I have 3 younger brothers. Once, my mom and I were in the kitchen doing dishes and the brothers were in the back. About 2.5 seconds after Mom and I noticed how eerily quiet things were, we heard a CLANG! and some shouting and crying. Turns out, the brothers had been taking turns tying each other up – with jump ropes – to a bunkbed ladder, and then timing to see who could undo himself the fastest. They went age order and the youngest was having a heckuva hard time, so he started jumping up and down…unhooking the ladder and falling flat on his face, bloodying his lip and cracking a baby tooth. We’re lucky it wasn’t worse, and it sure is funny to laugh about now!

  4. But I’m sure the kids appreciated the opportunity afforded by your distraction.

    And I’m thinking of too many jokes that I’m not going to touch.

    Have a good trip and hopefully the wee ones will be intact when you return.

  5. and they say that momming doesn’t count as a full-time job…
    i hope things take a turn, and you have a great time on your trip. seriously. you deserve it at this point.

    by the by, i was reading all throught the ‘letters to hillary’ and ‘letters to old-school feminists’ posts, and i was right with you…i mean, not exactly, but at least in all the basic fundamental ways. but, after i listened to your talk-radio thing-thing?
    i’m so totally in love with you now.

    i’m forcing all my IRL girls (mom, sister, aunts, etc) who have been solid hillary supporters–as much as one can be in disenfranchised michigan–to listen/read what you had to say.

    i can’t find words worthy of stating how important what you wrote has been. i mean, even for the people who don’t agree: you have officially moved the debate to a new place, and i think that’s awesome.
    and, we all know that’s what it’s all about: some random person telling you that you’re awesome.
    i’m sure all the hassle is totally worth it, now.

    i kid.

    but, for real? you’ve made a mark here. and this is what this whole blogging thing is all about.
    not that you need my encouragement, but i have to say: rock on, girl.

  6. Isn’t that what jump ropes are for? Thats all my kids do with them.

  7. Your children are beautiful..and yes you will miss them and miss them and feel guilty for the rest of your life. It’s our job..I know I’m 61 a mom, gram great gram…and it never ends…

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  8. I remember that stage… with the coat and the purse… but my daughter also included it with a boa, sunglasses and a tiara…
    Hope you did have a good trip in the end..

  9. OFF TOPIC: I remember your getting flack for these thoughts a year or so ago (see NYT link). Just thought you might be interested that in your concerns are not alone…

  10. Wow, PP is just a little you! I’d be afraid to be interviewed by her!

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