Swift Boat-Playground Style

Stranded again in an airport in these lovely United States I’m checking in on my kids, reading email, and catching up on the day’s headlines.

As a woman I’ve always had a pretty low threshold for bullshit. As a mother, I now have zero.

I have no time to squabble about crap. If the kids are fighting over a toy, I don’t conduct an investigation, I just take the toy away from them both. Bullshit level= zero.

So when I get an email this morning from BlogHer politics and news CE Morra Aarons giving a link to the Drudge article showing Senator Barack Obama wearing traditional Somali clothing while on a visit to Kenya, I shook my head.

Bullshit meter is beeping.

But it gets worse. What I thought would be shaken off as a non-story is turning into that Monday Media nonsense that is catching the breath of anchors and writers across the nation. I’m sitting in this airport next to 100 other people and Wolf Blitzer is bringing it up on the CNN tv’s at every gate.

The Clinton Camp is claiming it wasn’t their idea or plant and the Obama Camp is lashing back saying this is “the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election.”

Meanwhile Captain SwiftBoat is planning his big Obama party.

Except you see, we Moms…we have a very low tolerance for bullshit-I did mention that, right?

You see, I have kids. Now while that does not qualify me as a political expert, it does qualify me as a bullshit expert. I guess you can make your own jokes there, but let’s move forward.

My son and his friend tend to bicker a lot. Much like Hillary and Barack. It’s usually over nothing, but things can get pretty heated. My daughter, much like the GOP, just loves to insight these little tiffs. Then the two older kids both get in trouble and Mommy praises daughter for being so good and so unlike those two bad children in their time-out chairs.

That worked once.

I’m rather well versed in playground bullshit and I can easily detect her ruse and sit the 3-year old in the time-out chair before moving forward with the bickering 5-year olds.

I don’t tolerate this behavior from my children, and I’m certainly not going to tolerate it from any of those involved in the political process.

I’m not stupid. My 3-year old is not going to trick me.

Captain Swift Boat isn’t going to trick me either.

Day One of your little campaign to throw things at Senator Obama and we already see right through you. You push out the photo (which, btw we’re all pretty much over that whole “scare us with Muslims” thing) and hook it with Michelle Obama’s “pride” comments and talk of patriotism starts.

Bwwhahahahahahahaha. Seriously, is that all you have?

My 3-year old at least bats her eyelashes a bit.

Neener. Neener. Neener.


  1. Yet another reason why we moms should be running the country — no bullshit tolerated!

  2. i come from a family where one side (dad’s) is about as conservative as it can get, and yet i’ve always had my grandpa, a sort-or silent malcontent, who will sit at the table over vodka maritinis and roll his eyes at me as we listen to all of their texas-oil propaganda. (it’s been a long string of years, you know?) anyway, the point is, i was surprised as all get-out when my grandpa told me last fall that he was scared of obama and his muslim connections. my grandpa! my partner in liberalness! my silent partner in the family!

    the point is, i’ve heard it from other people, too.

    so, you and i (and many other people) may not be fooled…but, invariably, some people will be. and trust me, it pains me to out my grandpa in this way. it’s just a good thing he doesn’t really understand the internet.

    i think he reads my blog sometimes, but i’m not sure he understands the whole ‘click links and end up other places’ phenomenon.

  3. I was fortunate to meet Michelle Obama today. If I wasn’t completely sure before today – I am so incredibly sure now. It has been such a long, long time since I have been so excited about a potential next president and first lady.

    I have stopped paying attention to cheesy and below the knees political tactics. And, that’s one of the things that is keeping me so very engaged with the Obama campaign.

  4. QofS: i know i’ve left a lot of ‘you go girl’ comments lately, but right now i’m working on a post that might seem to disagree with some of your obama message. so, in case i don’t make it clear over at my place, i still stand by everything that i’ve said about you here: what’s going on at supertiff.com is just my own internalization of what’s going on. i’m going to link to you, of course…so i just want to take this time to point out that even though i may come to a somewhat different conclusion than you have (which surprises the crap out of me actually…i really thought i had my mind made up) i still really value the conversation that you’ve got going.

    /horrible cheesy comment.

  5. Ever considered running for office?


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