Enjoy while I pack and take temperatures

My daughter is sick and I’m getting ready for SXSW, so today I give you fun links to enjoy:

First and foremost, my favorite educator via boob tube, PBS, has THE thing that will keep your preschooler busy while you blog, or watch election returns.

PBS Kids PLAY has had my 5yr old and 3yr old engrossed for a few weeks now. Yes, it’s a download. Yes, it’s in beta. But if you want them to LEARN not just play Vegas style games and buy new lamps for their stuffed Pony, DOWNLOAD NOW. You can set time limits, those wacky PBS characters make them take stretch breaks. We love it and it’s guilt free.

Speaking of Vegas Style games and new lamps for stuffed ponies…CRAZY GeekMommy, understanding my plight as a Mom who desperately wanted her own WebKinz, sent me QT Vest, the Terrier.

The kids promptly stole her

Oh but wait-it doesn’t end there. Another crazed mamma , who’s daughter my son is destined to woo and marry (yes, I said woo) is sending another Webkinz which I SWORE on my new PINK DELL notebook would be only for Mommy, not the kids. And DUH, of course she sent a poodle.

I’m proud to announce I’ve joined MOMocrats. Look for much more of my ranting soon.

I just noticed Sarah and I both were thinking of Better Off Dead recently. What happened to the chick in that movie? Anyone? Fraaunch bread…Frauunch fries…and of course…he put his testicles all over me…his what? his testicles!

I’ve finished the Other Boleyn Girl and do NOT want to see the movie. No one can be as hot as King Henry from the Tudors and there is no way Natalie Portman has the swagger to pull off Anne Boleyn. Even at her SNL thug best. I just can’t see it. I’m trying, I just can’t.

Baby girl is  awake and back at 102.1 degrees. Go click away.


  1. Eric Bana has NOTHING on JRM.

  2. I’m so excited you’ll be joining us at the MOMocrats! :O

  3. You’re going to SXSW – so friggin’ jealous… (grr)

    Welcome to Momocrats! 😉

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    I can’t stop clicking to look on the pic of hottie mcking man

  5. I should have planned better. Next year Aviva and I will make it to SXSW.

    Love Austin and would have been even lovelier with Da Queen!


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