Lessons Learned

Today in my e-mail box:

Dear QueenofSpain:

Thanks for joining my fanclub!

The Jason Calacanis is a Golden God Fan Club has, quite literally,
 thousands of members all around the world who all enjoy the benefits that
 membership brings!

Those benefits include:
 # A free newsletter every month, direct to your inbox.
 # Email updates every day with club news and news about me.
 # A personally signed photograph.
 # Discount off all merchandise in the Jason Calacanis is a Golden God
 Fan Club on-line store.
 # Access to our on-line chat room (you never know, I may be in there
 myself thanks to UStream!)
 # The chance to win a MacBook Air once I have 'won' Twitter!
 # ...far to many other things to list here!

You membership is now in the database and your signed photo of me
 should arrive at your home address within the next week or so.

Your membership number is: 0018217

Once again, Mahalo!!

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Which was followed up by this.

And then came this.

And then I had to watch this

You and you and you are very lucky I’m way too important to be phased by your silly little April 1st fun. Pffft. Sorry, I was channeling Calacanis* for second there. I will now crawl into a cave with no wifi and hide until it’s April 2nd, 2008.

*Jason Calacanis is allegedly important in this web world we live in and he’s trying to bribe people to follow him on Twitter by giving away a MacBook Air. He wants to be the #1 most followed person on Twitter. I got a bit mouthy about it (and the readers gasp in shock) and now it’s become a bit of a joke.  I hear he’s not a horrible person, just a bit of an ego (ya’ think?) but since we’re all in this business of blogging, errr social media, we all have egos. But the fact I have to explain who Jason Calacanis is to half of my audience makes me think he has yet to conquer many corners of the web. Oh, and yeah, it makes me laugh pretty hard too. MWUAH and big fat smooches to you Jason, I hear you live near me. Have your people contact my people and we’ll do lunch. You’ll have to be as cool as SoCalMom, though. Because we did lunch yesterday and it rocked. 


  1. You know I only did it because I love ya!

    I don’t have anything against Calacanis either – he seems nice enough – if a bit misguided about ‘Most Twitter followers == valuable.’

    I just wanted you to start your April Fools Day out right! 🙂

  2. I’m sure 1/2 of Jason’s audience needs a Queen introduction too! Jason is a great guy, I’ve met him at conferences over the past few years. His books are pretty good too….

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Yes, I think a Cross Community into is in order for each. I’d say the odds on it happening are slim to none. He doesn’t seem to want to be part of the discussion-not yet anyway.

  4. You know what they say, you can’t spell blogger without E G O.

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