Martinis, Pills, Deviled Eggs, and Lies

I expect nothing less from a former Rodeo Beauty Queen.

Cindy McCain is doing her Stepford wife, affluent roots damn proud.

In what can only be seen as propaganda, the McCain campaign put up a cutesy little blurb on their website called “Cindy’s Recipes.” Once again not realizing voters have brains, it was quickly noticed these so-called Cindy family favorites (that she must whip up between doing her nails and battling her pill addiction) were stolen from the Food Network.

Because as you know, those of us just dying to use Cindy’s McCain’s recipes at our next family gathering can’t possibly be the same demographic watching the Food Network.

There is a part of me that would love to go on and on and be snarky about Cindy’s pill popping, how she got nailed for stealing from her own charity, etc. But let’s face it-we all have demons. Do hers seem to fit the Stepford profile of coiffed trophy wife who aided in the demise of a marriage? – sure, but what I find more disturbing is the pandering.

Running against two candidates battling it out over who is more ‘down to earth’ and ‘not elitist’ the McCain campaign just tried to soften Cindy’s millionaire background by giving us recipes.

No really. They think we are THAT stupid.

Oh, well, she cooks! She must understand what it’s like to get dinner ready when you have a toddler at your heels and a preschooler screaming for Spongebob and a husband working overtime again so you can pay the mortgage. She MUST be one of us if she has all those RECIPES.

Even if those recipes had not been lifted from Rachel Ray and others, we’re not stupid enough to believe Cindy is anything other than the daughter of a millionaire, beauty queen, recovering pill addict who avoided prosecution on drug charges by entering a federal diversion program.

I’m going to go make tuna noodle casserole, then run my vacuum cleaner, then maybe get out of my sweatpants before cleaning up the cat litter. I’m going to call my NONmillionaire Dad who’s struggling with health insurance. Then I’m going to log onto my notebook and keep an eye on the McCain camp.

We’re watching, and you are fooling no one.

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  1. McCain freaks me out because he cheated on and dumped his first wife to marry his beer-fortuned second wife. His first wife was the one who continually pestered the military to find him when he was a P.O.W.:

    AND he seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth. Don’t get all chummy with Jon Stewart and then court the evangelicals (who you previously claimed were evil) later.

    Oh, and that whole “I have no plan for the economy…we’ll be in the war from 100 years thing” is pretty bad too.

  2. Michelle M says:

    What really irritates me about McCain, is that as a veteran, he believes he has all of us vets in his pocket. He has repeatedly denied legislation dealing with anything that will help veterans. He recently denied a new GI Bill with better benefits for soldiers. I am tired of his rhetoric. The 100 years thing is ridiculous.

    As for his wife, I completely agree with you. It is insulting that they think we would buy this crap.

  3. *sigh*

    Reminds me of the good ol’ days in the 80’s when the crew used to spout off about “family values” and the whole “challenge of working parents” while arguing against paid family leave. As if they had ever had to try to get kids to school and themselves to work on time in order to keep a job.

    It’s nothing new. Just packaged differently. Anyone that thinks she has actually ever cooked anything out of necessity is clearly delusional.

  4. The best part is that they blamed the error on a low-level or unpaid intern. Exactly what did this intern do. Take the family recipe cards, through them out the window and then recreate the “FAMILY” recipes from stolen Food Network recipes. Oh, and then they had access to the web site passwords so they could post them on the site without anyone at McCain headquarters who were none the wiser? Do we want this guy running the country when he can’t even keep control of a “Unpaid,low-level intern”? He really must think we are idiots for even thinking this excuse is acceptable.

  5. So many thoughts here.

    McCain is so out of touch with real life. Not only does Cindy come from wealth, he comes from a family of flag rank officers and from a Naval Academy background that still worried about calling cards and the right etiquette for leaving the correct number of calling cards for all the unmarried daughters of his commanding officers and other such things that were still around in the 60s and 70s. I cannot believe that he was ever part of mainstream America.

    I am a veteran (retired navy) and he doesn’t give a flip about us.

    As far as I can tell they are poster models for the 50’s and will do us no good. I think most of the world is hoping that the McCains do not take up residence int he White HOuse.

  6. WTG Erin on continuing to call bullshit loudly when needed.

    You rock, you really do!

  7. My favorite part what that they tried to say it was all the work of an intern or other low paid campaign worker. You mean you, John McCain, just turn over editorial control of YOUR CAMPAIGN website to an intern with no oversight or approval? Quick let me join your campaign, I’ll add a few pages showing your crappy voting record and some other choice tidbits about your character.

  8. Patricia-Ann says:

    What I want to know . . . did McCain follow his TREND of CHEATING on his wives with Cindy too as was whispered a few months ago? AND is Cindy so-called “low key” OR is she sometimes “out of wack” ?

  9. get Real says:

    Get real. Like Obama’s wife and Hillary each know what it’s like to juggle family, making ends meet, and stuff like that. They are all millionaires too. I roll my eyes at you idiots!

  10. Queen of Spain says:

    I don’t believe this post was about Obama’s wife or Hillary. It was about the McCain campaign’s attempts to make her seem like my next door neighbor, thinking I wouldn’t notice. But thanks for playing.


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