My Life is a Circus

Which is why it’s totally appropriate my home will be tented this weekend.


Flying ones.

The kids think it’s cool. I’ve been freaked out since …oh…Christmas time when they were discovered.

Buggies munchin’ on my home sweet home. Not cool.

So we saved and planned and the tent over our home will coincide with the trip we get to take to Kansas City to see family.

Which, as tiny cousins get together for the first time when they might REMEMBER each-other, means an entirely different kind of circus.

While I get excited to leave town, take a trip, etc…I really loathe getting READY to go. Add in getting the house ready for fumigation and um…yeah, kill me now.

More soon.

Cue the clowns.


  1. I *hate* clowns.

    But I would hate termites more. Yikes!

    Have a super trip 🙂

  2. Clowns are freaks. They terrified me as a child. Now my daughter is obsessed with JoJo – oh yeah. My husband put her up to it and bought her JoJo stuff to freak me out. He even hides JoJo under the covers to I jump when I climb into bed.

    Relax on the trip and know the termites will soon been nuked.

    Also, tag, you’re it! I am learning and attempting my first try at “tagging” and I read your post a lot so, here goes…

    First time attempting “tagging”!

  3. Could be worse. Could have to tent the kids heads cause of nits or lice or whatever those creepy *shudder* little bitey bugs that kids get.

    *shudder* now I need a shower….

  4. I know you will have a hilarious good time.

    Here follows some unsolicited ideas of fun things to do with children in Kansas City:

    Nice kid photo ops can be had in center city KC at Crown Center: Fritz’s has burgers and shakes and your food is delivered **by a train** that goes around the restaurant. Kaleidoscope, a fun art-project place (by Hallmark, free but reservations needed). Aaand The Coterie, a children’s theatre company where I used to work as an young-adult actor in the early 1980’s (when dinosaurs roamed the earth).

    Even if you just hang out at the hotel and play in the water park, the children will have a wonderful time. And you will bask in the knowledge that you are fostering friendships among the cousins, which is a hugely important deal.

    And LMK if you need some suggestions of places to go for grown-up entertainment – or even just a quiet respite from childish pursuits.

    Can’t wait to hear your stories about your adventures.


  5. Good luck in KC! At least you have somewhere to go while they de-bug your home!

  6. Whenever I hear someone say “tented home” (which is not very often), I always wax nostalgic about “E.T.”.

    Flying termites? *Ick* Clowns?? **EEP!**(their tiny-roomy cars in particular, freak me out!)

    Good luck! 😉

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