Twitter Wake

I feel like I am kneeling at the deathbed of a loved one and whispering.

You were always so good to me

I love you

I’m sorry

Thanks for introducing me to all the jerks in Silicon Valley

Thanks for all the late nights fighting about politics

Thanks for being you

While I am hoping for a miracle cure, I am afraid they will soon send me the papers to have the plug pulled.

I’ve been using Friend Feed and Summize much more. I’ve been traveling to just SEE these people I know and love.

I don’t want to be calling everyone after your death and have them all be upset they didn’t get a chance to say good bye, or share their favorite memories. So I hope all my @friends leave their fond and fuzzy and funny Twitter moments here.

And really, if you do pull through- we’ll have a big party. A HUGE PARTY where we burn the Fail Whale and DM until dawn.




  1. Queen of Spain says:

    I should probably thank twitter for the NICE guys in silicon valley I’ve met too. but they are just not nearly as fun to talk about.

    Lalalalalala (fingers in ears).
    Twitter won’t die. I can’t… I don’t…

  3. Bwahahahaha! This is perfect. We should make a fail whale pinata and smash it to oblivion 😉

  4. No, I won’t do it! I won’t pull the cord! Twitter can’t die on me, it just can’t! *sobs*

  5. I’m hoping for a miracle cure. I’m way too addicted to say goodbye.

  6. Queen of Spain says:

    Remember TwitchGirl Gang?

    Oh, and #suckit?

    And the time Arrington blocked me?

    And when we all followed @henryrollins because we thought he MIGHT say something?

    Ahhh, good times.

  7. I am hoping that Twitter can find a way past the problems. I think it is a great idea and it has really introduced me to a whole new world.

    That said, I do have to admit that Plurk and FF are more stable than Twitter. They both have problems as well, but at least they don’t show me the fail whale (or should that be fail wail) nearly as often.

    My two cents…

  8. QEKVoS, you’re very funny sometimes 🙂
    Can we get together in real life and pour one out for our homies at Twitter?

  9. I can’t let go. Twhale, the fail whale is my friend. I converse with too many cool people to let Twitter go into the light peacefully.

    I am almost willing to pay for Twitter. Almost.

  10. I refer you to:
    where Jeff Bezos just became a backer. Yeah, that Jeff Bezos. Twitter is far from dead.

    It will survive, it will suppliment Friendfeed (which is what everything does for FFeed, adds to it).

    Summize rss search results do rock.

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    So I will hold off on pouring one out Stevie

    BUT BUT…it’s still fun to be prepared…just in case.

    More memories!

  12. 1. Twitter won’t die, as long as it lives in our hearts, minds and blogs, it will live forever.

    2. The miracle will occur, we have to believe it and it will be so.

    3. As soon as Plurk, FriendFeed, Summize and to be created reach Twitter levels, they’ll begin to fail on us as well.

    4. And, if Twitter has to leave us, let us remember the possibilities it showed us, the creativitiy it inspired in us, and the depths of procrastination many of us reached.

    Viva la Twitter!!!!!!!

  13. But…I just got here….

  14. Damn! Are we sure? The railroads never succeeded until they got a common gauge for the rails across the US. Twitter felt like that to me. If we clap our hands can we make it all better?

  15. Queen of Spain says:

    Oh! And remember the time that one guy was in some jail and something happened….OOH OH and it gave me directions out the wildfires…AND AND AND I used it to pimp my blog? member ? member?

  16. True dat.

  17. Queen of Spain says:

    AND remember when @megfowler dubbed all the boys in the pissing contests WUBBIES!!!!!

  18. #suckit is dead. Long live #suckit!

  19. I remember the jail guy and I think I remember passing along maps of the wildfires … and everyone pimps their blogs! Umm … Too bad I don’t blog. Oh well, I pimp my photos. 😉

    And Frozen Pea Fridays (as well as that other Friday tradition)

    Twitter isn’t dead year. I have faith in Jeff Bezos. He is one of the few internet big wigs that haven’t jumped the shark and continue to grow with the trends.

    Viva la Twitter!

  20. I refuse to give up! Twitter is going to make it! It’s going to make it, dammit!!!

  21. you know that one crazy relative who hangs on to the bitter end promising that EVERYTHING is Fine!!! Until the doctor drags them away kicking and screaming and causing a scene?

    That’s me.


  22. really? do you think? I have a love hate with the twit. hate the whale, love the twitter. Hope they get it figured out. I’ve invested too much time.

  23. i don’t get it. i was just about to join twitter. does this mean i shouldn’t? i’m so confused!

  24. Queen of Spain says:

    Join! it’s ok…it’s just broke all the damn time….

  25. Okay, I was all like “oh geez what IS it with everyone predicting the death of Twitter because of a little instability? If that were to kill Twitter it would’ve been dead forever ago…” then I’m all like “wow, um, yeah… I DO remember every one of the things she’s posting… wow. I spend way too much time on Twitter. Wubbies… heh!” and then I’m like “wow… maybe Twitter is dying — it’s been a long time since we had a successful Friday night Twitter party!” and then I’m like “ooh… maybe I should leave a never ending comment with ‘I’m all like’ all over it so Erin wants to kill me… yeah!!!”


  26. Oh, I’ve been wondering what to do about Twitter! Everyone says Friend Feed is where it’s at. But, I LOVE THE LITTLE TWITTER BIRDIE! What will I do without the birdie! But, the twitter problems have been really brutal and constant — I can’t tweet at all during the day anymore (when I want to)…. I don’t know what to do…!

  27. I can’t even commentate on So You Think You Can Dance because Twitter’s down! Wahh!

  28. Perhaps we should pass around the basket and take up donations? Oh but wait, Twitter burned through something like 20 mil.

  29. It’s my fault. I opened and closed TWO twitter accounts before finally drinking the kool-aid. Now it sucks ass. I shall leave the other kool kid toys alone so i don’t break those too.


  30. i joined! i hope it doesn’t die now – i’ll feel like i killed it myself!

  31. I just wish they’d fix the damn thing. Everything you said just makes me sad. It’s like finding friends before the wicked stepmom locks you in your room for the rest of your life.

    Yeah, it’s that bad.

  32. No. NO. IT WILL NOT DIE.

  33. I’ll cry a few tears… and then I’ll move on. And perhaps step outside into the sunshine.

  34. To paraphrase Star Trek 2 Wrath of Kahn: “Death takes place in the shadow of new life. Twitter’s not really dead if we find a way to remember him.” Brilliant post! I can almost smell the burning blubber.

  35. Queen of Spain says:

    I am pretty sure I get extra geek points for getting a Star Trek reference comment on my blog.

  36. This is all my fault.

    I just joined twitter on Monday after refusing to do it for months on it.

    I killed it.

  37. Queen of Spain says:

    Way to go Shake Shake!

  38. Ok. One of my favorite twitter memories:

    it was the Academy Awards, and Erin was sick with pneumonia.

    So of course, we, her friends, tried to write such witty commentary on the show that Erin peed her pants.

    Because, after all, what are friends for?

    Where else could this happen?

  39. Twitters don’t die they are just carried off into the sunset by zillions of birds.

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