…and the foot-in-mouth comments continue

I sure hope my children never sit around with Republicans for too long. They can learn all about ‘beating wives’ and nominees with ‘tans.’

Conservative activist Grover Norquist dropped by The Los Angeles Times’ Washington bureau and decided a classy and  appropriate way to convey his opposition to the liberal positions of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, was to call the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee “John Kerry with a tan.”

It’s like hanging out too long with those members of your family that are just NOT PC, eventually you have to explain “no no sweetie, we don’t say that in our house, and you know Uncle Grover is nuts.”


  1. oh seriously. Where do people like him come from? Where does he come from? No one can think that is acceptable? Oh, and I’m going to start calling the R candidate– Grandpa McCain. 🙂

  2. Shoot. Hit enter on accident. Not my laptop. Anyway…

    Grandpa McCain. 🙂 Because he says things only my senile grandpa would say.

  3. I spent 30 minutes yesterday trying to respond to that “incident” and couldn’t find the words.

    Except, I suppose “Unfuckingbelievable” will have to do.

    (which I don’t think is in Webster’s yet.)

  4. Oh God no! Totally unbelievable!!!

  5. Lauren Horsley says:

    Oh this post is really a shame. I was really enjoying reading the article that linked me over here and was just about to add you to my reader. Yes, Mr. Norquist’s comment was very stupid. However, I’m a Republican that believes that there are dumb people and smart people in both parties. Lumping everyone in together is one of the main reasons why there has become such ignorance and blind hatred between the two groups.

  6. Gracious. And we are treated to the nonsense on both sides about stolen cookie recipes and terrorist hand gestures – from the wives of the candidates.

    Incredibly, junior high behavior is becoming more sophisticated than this…

  7. Rick Kotecki says:

    [quote]I sure hope my children never sit around with Republicans for too long. They can learn all about ‘beating wives’)[/quote]

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention; I was unaware that “Republicans” were such violent people and the cause of all wife beatings.

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