Your Mom is So 2.0 – She Blogs From the Car

We’re ramping up for BlogHer!

Yes, it’s Cannonball Run, 2.0 style with Sarah, Devra, and Meagan joining me live TONIGHT on Ustream.

I fully expect silly to occur.

We might actually talk about important things too. Like how your mom probably never did a sponsored road trip with wifi in the car, while webchatting with friends and twittering.

But let’s be clear…

They are without their kids, making their way to San Francisco in a hybrid.

They’ve already invoked the Blues Brothers.

Silly will occur.

This is going to be fun. 8pm Pacific. Don’t miss it.


  1. I want to win free swag!

  2. Water is yummy.

  3. mememem!

  4. hola

  5. Hi Erin! Couldn’t find my hubby’s webcam tonight. Will try to find it.


  7. Ooops, did that work? Pick me, Erin!


  9. love the sangria day

  10. Think I’m missing the free give away. better get a great sticker next week.

  11. I’m not sure I met your expectation of “silly” but had you an expectation of “fried” I would have met that one easily. What a long day, it was fun being on the show, but the next time I’m on it, maybe I’ll have had more than 30 hours of collective sleep over a 5 day period.

    Or something like that. I can’t do the math on it, but suffice it to say, my brain was fried. But even with the fried brain, it was fun! Thank you for having me(us).

  12. I think we bombed that interview. Can we try again when we’ve had more sleep?

    You know, when the three of us aren’t smashed together on a hotel bed.

  13. You are all just to darned funny!!!

    Hope it’s an awesome time!

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