I’ve Heard Enough Singing from the NetRoots

I’m the first to admit I am hard-headed.

and the readers laugh

I make a decision on something, and I get passionate about it. As if I’m leading a cult, I whip a frenzy of followers into getting passionate too and we march into battle.

Then somewhere along the lines, usually while marching, I realize I am probably being a wee bit extreme about the whole thing and maybe, just maybe, there is a more sensible way to approach this whole ‘battle.’ Which may or may not have really been a battle in the first place.

I’d like to think the difference between myself, and (for example) the community over at Daily Kos, is somewhere along the lines I catch myself and adjust.

I calm down.

I think.

I listen.

I do this, usually, while continuing to stand up for what I believe, adjusting my fight, and making sure I do all of the above in a manner that won’t SCREW my candidate.

I was willing to give my passionate friends over at Kos a hat tip and nod after the FISA uproar. I was willing to let the NetRoots be fringe, or bleeding edge-as the kid’s say.

Then they went and banned my friend Lee Stranahan.

Daily Kos. Banning.

No, no…really.

The liberal, ‘censorship sucks, we hate those who won’t listen to our point of view’ blog of the NetRoots, Daily Kos.

Now I’m convinced they are extremists who are no better than the Neo-Con, censoring, fundies.

Can I just remind you, oh holier than thou NetRoots…the Democratic candidate is a man who brings everyone to the table. He hears everyone out. He strives to make everyone work together- regardless of extremism.

I may not LIKE or support the idea of offshore drilling, but I do understand that we can’t just shut out one point of view. I may not LIKE the compromise on FISA, but I sure as hell understand that we need to take small steps in order to take giant ones. I may not LIKE that a liberal blogger is talking about the alleged Edwards affair, but I sure as HELL need to listen and be AWARE.

You can keep sticking your fingers in your ears and singing lalalalalalalalalalalalala. It’s one of my own favorite go-to moves. But trust me, in the end I catch myself. Because I just spent 8 years with an administration that sang a lot and didn’t listen. With a nation of conservatives hell bent on refusing to hear why I didn’t want prayer in my schools and why I wanted to control my own reproduction.

They didn’t want to listen. And once in power, they felt they didn’t have to listen.

Flash forward to 2008 and the power of the blogosphere.

You may not want to listen. Hell, I don’t want to listen.

But you have to listen.

Hold candidates accountable, reasonably march into battle….

…just take your fingers out of your damn ears and make room at the table for everyone.

*editor’s note: Lee Stranahan is tonight’s guest on Sunday Inquisition. Let’s hear it right from him….

Erin Kotecki Vest is usually over at Queen of Spain Blog causing trouble. Or behaving. Depending.

Your Mom is So 2.0 – She Blogs From the Car

We’re ramping up for BlogHer!

Yes, it’s Cannonball Run, 2.0 style with Sarah, Devra, and Meagan joining me live TONIGHT on Ustream.

I fully expect silly to occur.

We might actually talk about important things too. Like how your mom probably never did a sponsored road trip with wifi in the car, while webchatting with friends and twittering.

But let’s be clear…

They are without their kids, making their way to San Francisco in a hybrid.

They’ve already invoked the Blues Brothers.

Silly will occur.

This is going to be fun. 8pm Pacific. Don’t miss it.

Let’s DO This Thing

Truth time.

You are not over it.

I am not over it.

There are threats to vote McCain.

There are snarks about older white women.

There are accusations of it being my (and other women who voted Obama) fault Clinton didn’t break that ‘ultimate glass ceiling.’

There are sore winners, sore losers, and even discussion of what our daughters will take away from this, other than our inability to STOP fighting.

So I say, time to get it out all out there. Time to lay it all on the table and say every nasty thing, or upsetting thing, or even offensive thing you need to say. Time to fight it out with that Obama supporter. Time to fight it out with that Clinton backer.

Time to do what we need to do in order to move on.

It’s time to stop pitting women against women.

After we have our virtual pillow fight, I’m not talking about it anymore.

Unless of course, Clinton fucks up again (see, see why I need to do this? I have issues! ISSUES!)

7pm Pacific. We’ll start off on Stickam so as many people as possible get a chance to yell and scream and cry.

and then with any luck…by the wee hours of the morning, we’ll be back to feeling ya-ya.

What happens here tonight, stays here tonight.And if you are lucky you’ll win some skin care products to take away the bags under your eyes tomorrow morning from all the crying.

So we’re having it out in this virtual Red Tent to emerge stronger. And also to learn why each side is so entrenched so we can understand and come together.

Sunday Inquisition with Queen of Spain LIVE

Starting at 7pm PDT and going…Gawd knows how long..We’re going to try Ustream tonight, since we keep crashing Stickam and YahooLive won’t let us moderate like we want…

You can join the fun here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/queenofspain

Tonight’s Guests include Tara Anderson (@tarable) of Lijit, Baratunde Thurston* (@baratunde) of Jack and Jill Politics and Good Crime Think, and Zik Daniel (@ZIK). Which means we’ll be talking widgets and badges and CRAP for the blogs-and why Lijit might be the only one you really need. Tara can also move us into the political discussion nicely as her MOM IS IN JAIL after a protest. Baratunde and Zik will no doubt get into the entire Rev. Wright FIASCO and don’t be surprised if we see a few guest appearances from some loudmouth tweets!

Since I’ve been hearing a lot of whining lately, tonight’s giveaways will center around your ability to beg and whine. Leave a comment and tell me why you need a Creative Live! IM Pro webcam to register to win, and explain to me why you can’t pick up the phone to order flowers to win a Mother’s Day bouquet from 1800-Flowers.

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As always, Lucretia Pruitt (@geekmommy) and Maria Niles (@marianiles) will be rocking things behind the scenes and chiming in-and we just *might* have a special intro with music by R. Corey Oltman (@kingtiger) and the ‘voice of god’ Doug Welch (@dewelch) to kick off Sunday Inquisition!

*Baratunde and I recently hijacked 50cent’s Netvibe’s chat room. We’re sorry in advance if you get shot for hanging out with us tonight.

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And I For One Welcome Our Mommyblogging Overlords…

From ignored, to mocked, to rockstar, to target of backlash-this business of Mommyblogging is getting heated. Who’s consulting? Who’s getting free stuff? Who’s writing a book? Who’s on tv? Who’s just blogging and hoping someone notices but wants the free stuff and gigs? And are we all exploiting our kids in the process as the checks start to come in and the offers become more frequent?

My phone has been ringing, my email overwhelmed, and the time has come to try and spread the Queen Love. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and I want THEM to share their knowledge with YOU.

Don’t be fooled, all this does NOT just pertain to Mommybloggers. There are many of you blogging, creating businesses online, even developing some super amazing stuff that NEED to hear what all your posting, twittering, facebooking, ustreaming, and on and on and on MEANS or what it could mean.

Tonight, live on Stickam, I’m going to introduce you to Eric Litman, Managing Director of WashingtonVC. Why do we want to talk to Eric? He’s the guy with the money. He can tell us how to take our tiny online businesses to the next level. And we can bug him about what is making it big and what is fading into the background. I’m also guessing you might be able to sneak in a pitch or two.

Next up will be my friend Aaron Brazell, aka Technosailor. All that personal ‘branding’ stuff everyone is talking about? He can explain it, why it matters to our community, and tell you how to manage your own ‘brand’-the conversations he and I have are never boring, so don’t be surprised if we attempt to ‘out diva’ the other.

Finally Lee Stranahan is going to help transition us from yapping about social media business and into politics. He’s going to talk about how Senator Barack Obama’s ‘brand’ matters and discuss his 30-second video, which was one of over 1100 submitted.

Just as an added bonus-I’ve got FIVE super cute SanDisk Cruzer Gator 8GB Flash Drives to give away!!!! The nice folks over at SanDisk thought you’d give or get one of these for Mother’s Day-since women ARE the heaviest web users and all. I’ll announce details on how to win one during the show!

Sunday Night Live with Queen of Spain-7pm Pacific-be there! (register to chat with your cam or in text-you’ll need a headset or I’ll boot your feedback butt-you can just watch and listen from this post too)

Queen of Spain Sunday Night LIVE

I threatened it, you didn’t run away screaming-so guess what?

Live tonight at 7pm Pacific Erin Kotecki Vest, aka Queen of Spain, aka ME will be hosting a live show where we can talk politics, social media, parenting-and anything else we damn well please. Confirmed guests for tonight include:

Morra Aarons-Mele of Women and Work and BlogHer.com

Maria Niles PopConsumer will no doubt mix it up in the politics discussion -but also watch out for her during the social media hour because she’s a marketing guru 😉

Kristen Forbringer who’s been on the ground with the Obama campaign in Philly

Tony, CEO of Zappos.com

Karoli is going to try and chime in the text chat

Liza from Culture Kitchen is coming-you KNOW she’ll have something to say

****adding more guests hourly-keep checking**

Let’s talk Pennsylvania, flagpins (snort), and then switch gears and yap about social media. Tony can talk about Zappo’s blog and twitter effort and why it’s NOT a huge debacle (like some others we’ve seen) – you can participate via text chat, via webcam, or just watch you stalker!

Tune in here tonight or at http://www.stickam.com/queenofspain and make sure to register if you want to participate via webcam ! Everyone is welcome. (even you and you and you, ’cause that’s how I roll)