I’ve Heard Enough Singing from the NetRoots

I’m the first to admit I am hard-headed.

and the readers laugh

I make a decision on something, and I get passionate about it. As if I’m leading a cult, I whip a frenzy of followers into getting passionate too and we march into battle.

Then somewhere along the lines, usually while marching, I realize I am probably being a wee bit extreme about the whole thing and maybe, just maybe, there is a more sensible way to approach this whole ‘battle.’ Which may or may not have really been a battle in the first place.

I’d like to think the difference between myself, and (for example) the community over at Daily Kos, is somewhere along the lines I catch myself and adjust.

I calm down.

I think.

I listen.

I do this, usually, while continuing to stand up for what I believe, adjusting my fight, and making sure I do all of the above in a manner that won’t SCREW my candidate.

I was willing to give my passionate friends over at Kos a hat tip and nod after the FISA uproar. I was willing to let the NetRoots be fringe, or bleeding edge-as the kid’s say.

Then they went and banned my friend Lee Stranahan.

Daily Kos. Banning.

No, no…really.

The liberal, ‘censorship sucks, we hate those who won’t listen to our point of view’ blog of the NetRoots, Daily Kos.

Now I’m convinced they are extremists who are no better than the Neo-Con, censoring, fundies.

Can I just remind you, oh holier than thou NetRoots…the Democratic candidate is a man who brings everyone to the table. He hears everyone out. He strives to make everyone work together- regardless of extremism.

I may not LIKE or support the idea of offshore drilling, but I do understand that we can’t just shut out one point of view. I may not LIKE the compromise on FISA, but I sure as hell understand that we need to take small steps in order to take giant ones. I may not LIKE that a liberal blogger is talking about the alleged Edwards affair, but I sure as HELL need to listen and be AWARE.

You can keep sticking your fingers in your ears and singing lalalalalalalalalalalalala. It’s one of my own favorite go-to moves. But trust me, in the end I catch myself. Because I just spent 8 years with an administration that sang a lot and didn’t listen. With a nation of conservatives hell bent on refusing to hear why I didn’t want prayer in my schools and why I wanted to control my own reproduction.

They didn’t want to listen. And once in power, they felt they didn’t have to listen.

Flash forward to 2008 and the power of the blogosphere.

You may not want to listen. Hell, I don’t want to listen.

But you have to listen.

Hold candidates accountable, reasonably march into battle….

…just take your fingers out of your damn ears and make room at the table for everyone.

*editor’s note: Lee Stranahan is tonight’s guest on Sunday Inquisition. Let’s hear it right from him….

Erin Kotecki Vest is usually over at Queen of Spain Blog causing trouble. Or behaving. Depending.


  1. *applause*

    There are days where I’m just in awe of the fact that I get to call you my friend.
    This is one of them.
    Great post!

  2. I’m very surprised. Any clue to why they would do that?

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Its my understanding he was banned for comments he made. I’m letting Lee discuss it tonight on the show and have invited Kos members to talk as well.

  4. The Great Orange Satan is notorious for banning excellent, but opposing, liberal bloggers (which is why it’s called “GOS”). If it’s not auto-banning via the “troll hunters”, it’s the admins. This is nothing new and has been happening since at least 2004/5 (The year of the “Pie Wars”.)

    Some of the banned even started their own communities where they proudly wear a badge that reads “Banned at GOS”. Maryscott O’Connor, Armando, and some others who were there for Kos from Day One were given the shaft when they became loud voices of discontent. Kos doesn’t care about what they’re saying as long as they’re not saying it on HIS blog. Good luck getting him to pay attention.

  5. Also, you can find quotes from Kos stating that he’s not a “liberal” and is just interested in getting Democrats elected- liberal Dems or not.

    The fact that Lee was banned for comments isn’t surprising at all. Could it possibly be that he pissed off a member of the troll hunter brigade?

  6. Totally agree http://tinyurl.com/5athp4 and agree with @fivehusbands’ comment to Lee http://tinyurl.com/5u2b73 “I continue to be amazed by the time people spend on vile comments on DKos- time that could be spent on issues/activism” and I took action http://tinyurl.com/5rheut

    My hope is that regardless of what it is, liberals, NetRoots activists, Democrats, Obama supporters… will take positive action rather than wasting time attacking Obama and each other. That’s just unproductive shenanigans that will elect McCain.

    Eyes on the prize, people. Eyes on the prize.

  7. I guess one ironic thing is that what I’ve called for repeatedly is for Edwards to SPEAK. I want more speech, not less. I want to hear intelligent argument.

    Censorship is not a liberal value.

    Maryscott O’Connor was mentioned earlier – I’m moving my pieces to her blog http://www.MyLeftWing.com

  8. Here, Here, I’m listening. And I hope you’ll listen to my blog video regarding my health insurance company declining my PET scan to verify no new cancer. As it has me crazy….

    And yes you wonder just how free we are…?

    Great post thank you.

    Dorothy from grammology

  9. dKos basically turned into a navel gazing circle jerk when they made it orange in ’04…


  10. I’ve never gotten the appeal of KOS. I visited a few times and most of what I found was sexism, insults, and neo-cons under a different banner. Nothing entirely progressive or liberal other than supporting progressive and liberal candidates. It doesn’t read like they want more liberal people in power to provide more freedom, they just want to be able to be in power and control others. Eh


  1. […] this news, and has me fuming (as well as other prominent bloggers, ezines and internet friends like Erin Koteki Vest), is that censorship of this kind is so not a fit with the politics supposedly behind Daily Kos. It […]

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