Joe, Let’s Talk


I’m Erin. I’m no one really, just another voter with a blog.

Seems you’re going to be our next Vice President.

Good job.

I need you to do something for me though, ok? It’s something I’m pretty terrible at-but I’m guessing with all your experience you’ll be ok.

Don’t say anything stupid.

I know, mistakes happen.  And your record and years of service make you more than worthy for this position.

But Dude…between you and I….you say some crazy shit every once in a while.

I say some crazy shit sometimes too, so I understand. But I’m also not a Senator, or Vice President of the United States.

Your resume is outstanding, you’re said to be a helluva guy. I hear I’m going to LOVE your wife.

But if you have another oratory oopsie with racial overtones, I think your boss might kick your ass.

Oh, and I will too.

I’ve been working on my rhetoric, and keeping things non-offensive and sane and fair…so how about you try too?

Maybe we can work on it together.

See you in Denver, Senator.


Erin Kotecki Vest


  1. Seriously?

    If his resume is so stellar – why are his undergrad grades worse than Shrubya’s were?

    Hopefully if that ends up happening, he will just keep his head down, his mouth free of stupid statements, and focus on foreign policy.

    Disappointed from here.

  2. Jesus, lady – you are FAST with this stuff. Did you have it in the queue, ready to go? Did you have alternate posts in the event it was somebody else? You amaze me!

  3. His crack on Rudy G. was spot on. I hope he keeps pointing out the stupidity of others.

  4. weepy that it’s not hilary as veep. a girl can dream.

  5. Hey Erin,

    I’ve liked Biden ever since the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas thingie. He was very compassionate to Hill. I know I was glued to judiciary hearings at the time.

    I even sent him 4 dozen bagels when I had bagel stores and he said he now has a friend in Brooklyn with delicious bagels.


  6. Thanks for this. Cuz I’m kinda pissed off. He seems like an ass. He needs to reign his intolerance in for sure or will become a liability to Obama. I still feel like it’s the people behind the curtain/the big money donors who advocated for this though. And I don’t like it! I sure as heck don’t want McCain but my dreams of a kinder gentler President are slipping away fast.

  7. Well damn, my choice didn’t get it. Now to go look more into Biden.

  8. Erin, it’s 3 am. Joe can’t hear you. He’s fast asleep.

  9. He needs to hire you as his trusted aide and watchdog…

  10. Perhaps there’s a job for you in standing around behind him with a stick to whack him any time he opens his mouth and THE STUPID threatens to tumble out.

  11. I’m ok with him as the VP nom. I’m not ok with his vehement support for the war on drugs but I can deal.

    He has this articulate and very clean 1/2 African American’s vote. *lol*


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