And She Has Many Houses

I know some military families who beg to differ, Meg.

Let’s not forget this too, because I’m over the lies.

More soon, lots going on.


  1. I loved that quote today about “do people really just want 10% change?”

    So glad to hear Obama’s finally addressing the lies. We deserve so much better.

  2. “No one knows what war is like other than my family.” What the fuck. We can leave all of the war fighting to her family then and let our guys come home.

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    This is where I get to say…THIS republican, is stupid.

  4. Let’s not forget that it was their fellow Republicans — namely Rove and Cheney — who started the whisper campaign in South Carolina in 2004, about Meaghan’s sister — that she might be, you know, “colored.” and — that’s the war her family knows most about. That’s the “more of the same” we’d get with that party, and I, frankly, am done.

  5. And this is where I get to say “you are SO right! THIS republican IS stupid!!”

    Sheesh. With supporters like her – he hardly needs detractors.

    That was the freaking stupidest statement I think I’ve heard yet.

    I love my dad. I respect my dad. I wouldn’t put him on a pedestal that high any day – because a) there’s nowhere to go but down and b) I don’t always agree with him. Who always agrees with their parents? Seriously…

    But to put it as if the only way you can “get it” is to have a family member serving in Iraq is to do a great discredit to not only most of the nation, but also to assume that all families with members in Iraq agree with her.

    Yuck. Wish I hadn’t watched it.
    No, check that – wished someone would clue her in.

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