So Let’s Just Say The Phone Rings At 3am

I think the Biden/Palin debate is going to be a hoot.

*updated, you can watch the whole answer here


  1. THAT WAS AWESOME. (Not that I’m biased.)

  2. She is a joke and a slap in the face of accomplished and savvy female politicos of both parties.

  3. I noticed that somebody’s already re-written the wikipedia entry on “Bush Doctrine” to make it look ambiguous.

  4. that was so extremely satisfying to watch.

  5. When is the VP debate? I want to set my DVR now.

  6. Videos won’t play for me in FF? None of your YT videos 🙁

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Jim why does You Tube hate you?

  8. Heh, so true. Probably because I keep pointing out their shortcomings. Like all the porn and illegal copy written materials. I shouldn’t be surprised.

  9. Ok, it played. I didn’t know exactly what he meant either, but I’m not a veep.

  10. I can’t wait. I’ll be watching with a big bucket of popcorn.

  11. Oh lord, that’s just painful to watch.

  12. For ‘divrchk’ per above, VP debate airs Oct 2…salivating. As for this clip, it’s delicious…and useful insight.

  13. Oh my tummy hurts!!! If this wasn’t so funny I’d be crying at the reality that citizens of this country can (seriously) put forward candidates like this.

  14. I *love* the stumble right before she says “In what respect, Charlie.” You know in that moment that she’s clueless.

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