Well This Made Me Smile

…and kinda pee my pants with laughter


  1. OMG that was so funny. I have it set to post on my blog this afternoon.


  2. that is all kinds of awesomey goodness.

  3. Rick Kotecki says:

    Didn’t Alec Baldwin state that “I will move to Canada if George W. Bush is elected” But yet he’s still hear 8 years later. Is there any way we can actually hold people accountable for there statements? I mean it’s not like he a big star or even a average star anymore, if he was in Batman or something maybe we should cut him some slack but I just seen him on a infomercial for Christ sakes!

    Socialism is not the answer people.. Carry on.

    Rick Kotecki

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    Dear Lord. My cousin is buying the socialism rhetoric.

    *hits head on desk*

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    And I have to point- it’s FUNNY. Especially the first couple lines.

  6. Dude, that was awesome.

    I said I’d move to Canada if we reelected Bush. Guess where I live now? Socialism ISN”T the answer. And Canada isn’t socialist. Just saying.

  7. My Dear Queen of Spain,
    How do I get a cool avatar ?

  8. Mr Lady,
    I dont know you or who you are so inform me, were do you live now?

  9. Queen of Spain says:

    I haven’t even figured out how to get a cool avatar yet. Let me check. And are you EVER going to give me the link to your GDamn blog?

  10. Click my name….

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    Duh. I totally knew that. lol

  12. BAHAHAHA… Sorry.

    I’m looking into a new style program, right now it takes to long doing it manually changing pages and I really don’t have the time working 6 days plus family stuff. I really should be working now instead of chatting online with you, but seeing as you never come back to Michigan and I can’t really say I blame you. This will just have to do.

  13. Queen of Spain says:

    I can hook you up with ppl who can do it for you. I knows me some webby types. 😉

  14. I’ll be in touch [img]http://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/images/smilies/party-smiley-004.gif[/img]

  15. The moon/astronaut line brought it all home for me. For that matter, if I stand on my roof, I can see downtown Manhattan. Perhaps I am now qualified to solve Wall Street’s financial crisis.

  16. Rick, I live in Canada. And I’m really quite happy here. I’m not a citizen, and don’t ever intend to give up my citizenship to the US, because it is my home and I love America, but I am raising three children here and plan on staying as long as they’ll have me. It’s not what everyone in the states says it it, I swear.

  17. Palin IS scary. Did you read that when she was running for mayor, she demanded that her opponent produce a marriage certificate? She thought the marriage was a lie since the wife kept her maiden name. Like it matters…

  18. Mr Lady,
    Don’t get me wrong I like Canadians but they practically invented this “metric” system. Somehow it’s like inches and feet, only it doesn’t make any damn sense and kilometers? don’t even get me started on those. But I must thank my friends up north for that tasty beer witch contains 8% plus alcohol and I can get a case with a quick drive over the Amatory Bridge… Sorry, I strayed off topic… now did you actually move up north after the election because Bush won or was it work or family related?

  19. Ambassador Bridge – not sure how I typoed that one <;-O

  20. Rick, baby, Napoleon invented the metric system. And I’d like to kick that little man’s butt for doing so. I cannot function under its regime. 🙂

    We actively pursued a work transfer after the 04 election, and were granted it in 06 after we turned down two statesside. So, the answer to your question is a little of both.

    I’ll never say it’s better than America, but what Canada does better than America is put its citizens actual, day to day needs first. Some clump that into socialism, but it’s really not. I’m as fiscal a conservative as you could hope to find on the left, and I agree with Canada’s fiscal choices.

  21. Mr Lady,
    I could not even fathom running out of my country saying I love it to much to stay, mind blowing to say the least. At least have the guts to relinquish your citizenship, unless you plan to return when thing change. But what will happen if another Republican president is elected, will you run off again? I’m not getting my way so I’m leaving? I’m sorry if this comes off harsh but I just can’t imagine doing this under any circumstance.

    P.S. I’m not one of those people who post stupid stuff online because it’s online, I’ll say stupid stuff to you face to.. LOL. if your ever in Michigan feel free to e-mail, I’ll by you and drink and chat.

  22. The thing is, I don’t HAVE to relinquish my citizenship to live abroad. I don’t want Canadian citizenship, and therefore don’t seek it. I will never be Canadian; I was born and bred in America, and that’s who I am. It’s not a question of having the GUTS to relinquish my citizenship. That’s kind of a heated statement you made, but I’m pretty sure you know that already.

    I was just fortunate enough to have an opportunity to come here when my husband’s American company had an opening, and we only planned for staying two years, but our family wants to stay longer. FOR US. I can finally stay at home with my children here. I have excellent health care here. My children are learning two languages here. The news is friendly and not fear mongering here. It certainly helps that the economy is more stable here, but we’d return if the correct LIFE conditions arose, not just political conditions. I plan to return when it is right for my family, not because of the government.

    I will always hold fast that America is it’s citizen’s country, not the government’s country. I still have the right and the ability to participate in the growth of my nation, and I can be a citizen from here.

    I don’t have a problem with Republicans, I just had one with BUSH. I like republicans. Many of my greatest friends are republicans. Up until about 2 months ago, I didn’t even have any beef with John McCain.

  23. Rick, to put it another way:

    I love my husband with ALL my heart. We have three beautiful children. Our family is lovely. And when he decided to be a raging drunk, and put us in what I felt was a harmful situation for me and my children, I packed my bags and left until he straghtened his life out. When he was ready, and I knew it was safe, we came back. Should I have had the guts to divorce him? Some would say. But then I would have been giving up on something that was part of me and important to me.

    When people are dropping airplanes into major American targets, and someone I think is harmful and evil is at the wheel of my nation, making decisions I find morally reprehensible, when me and my children live 40 miles from one of those American targets all the people who hate us and are incited by the current administrations unchecked, hap-hazard policies and war-mongering are eye-balling to bomb to smithereens, you’re damn right I got us out of harm’s way.

    That doens’t mean I gave up on America, that just means I took care of my business. And I will fight every day from right here to make sure someone else doens’t feel like they need to make that choice.

    And I’d totally have a beer with you.

  24. Sorry to hog your comments, Erin!

    Rick, avatar? www dot gravatar dot com. Easy peasy.

  25. Queen of Spain says:

    Hog away! Loving it

  26. The Monday after Sept 11, 2001 I walked into a Marines recruitment center and asked how a 32yr old married man with bad knees could serve his country, I was told by going home and being with my family.. (I bet they would take me now) So I guess you’re right, I don’t understand how someone could or would say “I’ll Move to Canada” even as a joke.

    I’m sorry your Husband was a raging drunk and I’m happy he’s gotten his life together, but like you did not give up on him I won’t give up on my Country.

    Sorry about Hi-Jacking your thread Erin, It’s a very funny video of a couple making fun of the Governor of Alaska and Republican V.P. nomination. Maybe S.N.L. will pick up on it too.

  27. Rick,

    I applaud you stepping up to serve. My kids godfather did the same thing, and was told the same thing as you. My grandmother was a pilot in World War II, my baby brother is currently serving his second tour with the military, and my brother in law enlisted and served in Iraq when the war began, and was lucky enough to be able to come home to his family after only one tour. My family has a great history of serving its country. I just think I’ve given all I have to give of my family to war for this generation.

  28. I couldn’t listen the whole way through, my son is a PWT’s fan so I hear the original song pretty often and I didn’t want this running through my head every time LOL

    P.S. cool avatar getting can be done at gravatar.com 😉

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