And I For One Welcome Our Liberal, Tree Hugging, Overlords

Double digits.

The other side is crumbling.

They have sunk so low, they have gone through the bottom of the barrel and straight into hell.

They are asking talk show hosts for help.

Republicans are jumping the sinking, dishonorable ship.

I’m offering free hugs to McCain-Palin supporters. Let us know when you’re ready.


  1. But right now it’s still just poll numbers.

    Our base is made of largely of young people who typically get excited, and then stay home. We CAN’T claim victory yet. We HAVE to focus on getting out the vote now.

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    I say we just go for the jugular

  3. Congrats Ms. 16. I interviewed 3 in the top 25 at Blogworld. Let me know if u want me to send you the clip. Hope all is well!! Stay in touch.

  4. robinmarie warner says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck!!!! *shakes fist wildly*

    This (R) campaign just keeps getting funnier…. in a baaaaad way

  5. Cross country hugs appreciated.

    No longer speaking to mom & best friend until after election.

    Have posted so many blocks on my email do to the lies, I now have time to catch up my blog reading. All I can say is, “Yep.”

    Oh, the Freep interviewed me for an article from all the way down in FL on being a ble girl in a red state & how the recession is affecting us. Excited to read.

  6. I agree with Miss Britt. Now is not the time to get complacent. I think spreading awareness of states with early voting is one of the keys. It’ll ease waits in line, and it is a great way to get young people out there. I know I’m going to the polls BEFORE election day!

  7. Hip Hip Hooray! I’ve been highlighting Bernie Sanders, the great man from VT!

  8. I had a couple of interesting exchanges today… maybe not so much…. more scary then anything.
    But there is this woman on facebook who sent out a note saying women needed to vote for McCain bec. Obama was evil, satan etc. I say the tone of the note disturbed me since I consider myself a Christian… She has sent me two emails telling me I really don’t know god like she does.
    Then I had this completely circular w. a friend the election. I have to say I am feeling a wee bit nervous. I can’t talk myself out of it.

  9. ohpleaseohpleaseohplease! obama

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