Created Not By One, But By Many

Crayons and words, cluttered and cursing

From passion to possible

Buzz and blogs, moms and movements

From hope to history

A leader had the audacity to challenge

A people accept and create change

I believe like my children believe for the first time since I was a child



Created not by one, but by many


  1. i am just a big blubbering mess watching my new president speak. seriously. it’s awesome.

  2. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this campaign. Thank you for thinking. For researching. For speaking and writing. YOU were part of the many that made a difference.

    I can’t quite wrap my head around this. Damn it feels good.

  3. I’m so, so happy.

  4. Wow- great job there Erin!! I am so very excited I can hardly stand it!

  5. constant tears of joy and dreams of hope… to listen to our next president speak felt truly awesome. Thank you for your words of “… but many”.

  6. Feeling inspired. I love the “…but many” and the emphasis on WE. We are all in this together.

  7. and you were great. thanks for all the inspiration and great posts throughout the whole thing. YOU ROCK!

  8. And you were one of many.

  9. Happy. What a day!

  10. It’s one of those days that I feel super-American! What a fine day it is!

  11. I’m still in shock. So very very happy, yet saddened by Prop 8 in CA. We still have such a long way to go.

  12. Sathington Willoby says:

    It’s going to be nice to have an intelligent leader, one who supports science and the arts, rather than trying to take away women’s rights, and force religion into government. What a fine day it truly is…but, I agree with Heather, the passing of Prop 8 is a sign that the ignorant(religious, cultists) can still take away civil rights from others. This needs to change, WE can change this!

  13. Namaste – cheers

  14. I am still so overwhelmed with emotion. It is truly an amazing time. North Carolina going blue is simply phenomenal.Our hard work paid off in spades.

  15. Beautiful. I am so happy to see this day.

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