And Crown Thy Good

Admittedly I’ve been busy feeding my unicorn…Ok, my daughter’s unicorn, while I dream of a puppy to match Malia and Sasha’s.

However this liberal isn’t going to rest for long.

While the right hints that the Obama win signals a ‘post-racial’ era I watch a black church burn in Springfield.

While we plan a inaugural festivities our gay and lesbian friends and family are being forced to forget their wedding vows, denied the opportunity to become parents, and shunned by half this country.

As we revel in the barriers WE, as a nation, have broken…there are stark reminders of how far we have to go.

I think Norm Lear summed up my feelings best by saying ‘Its my Christening as a born again American.’ Now that’s a statement I understand many of you don’t get. I don’t expect you too. You’ve been good soldiers in your country for many years and a loyal brood. However I’ve been disillusioned, disgusted, and disenfranchised for as long as I can remember. This country was never about or for me. As a woman, as a non-christian, as someone who believes in equality for everyone I have never been given any sense that those in control in America represented me.

Sure they all claimed they included all Americans, but they never acted like it. Not in their votes, their policy, or their overall actions.

Now I feel like it is, or at least with the election of Obama, it could be. And I refuse to stop there.

I’m on a warpath to take back this country for the sane, the inclusive, the tolerant, and the fair.

Now excuse me while I put more feed out for the unicorn and lobby for that puppy.


  1. Yesterday on my blog, I came out that this Southern Baptist pastor’s wife voted for Obama.

    Last night at church, my kids defended Obama as one of the other kids finally said, “Well, Obama’s gonna’ die just like Lincoln – shot in the head!”


  2. Queen of Spain says:

    ooooh, Christine. you’ve been such a beacon of GOOD for me. when I get mad at the right, at religion, I always think of YOU and know how it should be. you give me HOPE

  3. I’ve got my helmet and shield…let’s go. (As in battling with you, not against…just to clarify.)

  4. This is a great way to put it – yes we’ve come SO far by electing an African-American president but our work is anything but done. Obama is taking on challenges that previous presidents have never had to deal with and it’s going to require a new kind of political system to get things done. I’m right there with you – ready to do whatever it takes to turn this country around.

  5. Another wonderful post about equality. I hope the suits filed yesterday against prop 8 are successful.

    As far as Obama, I have heard some disturbing things myself. One of my republican co-workers told a fellow democrat that “she should becareful what she wishes for”. What exactly he meant by that, we aren’t sure but we do know it wasn’t positive. We have a long way to go.

  6. Queen of Spain says:

    yeah, I have some friends who would call neoconservative who have some the most insane comments ever. it’s beyond disturbing.

  7. angelina (in oakland) says:

    thank you. My Obama parade is still being rained on, but the evidence that our hetero-allies are still in the fight with us, and the fact that the momentum from the NO on 8 campaign has not stopped are helping. I cannot express how THRILLED I am about our country decisively electing our new president-to-be, and how APPALLED I am that our fellow country-folk (and my fellow Californians!) have voted to constitutionalize bigotry. I’m only echoing much more eloquent voices, but this has definitely been a bittersweet victory. Thank you for you post!

  8. angelina (in oakland) says:

    oops…youR, with an “R”

  9. Your post reminded me of a comment made at a recent workshop I attended. Ed Cone ( stated he hoped that (if Obama won) the nation didn’t assume civil rights issues were solved. One of our president-elect’s best features is that he doesn’t pull the race card. He never has. Yet he is literally risking his life by being in office. All presidents have risk of assasination but Obama’s risk is higher because there are so many ignorant bigots with weapons.
    Bush is a spoiled dumb rich kid that has pillaged this country to his own amusement. Obama is in touch with the plight of the underdog yet Joe the Plumbers in this country can’t quit yelling “socialism” long enough to actually HEAR how they will benefit by our new president’s leadership.
    It’s bad enough to have politicians abusing power to push down on the populace but when ignorant conservatives start putting pressure from below, I start feeling like the squished filling of a PB&J sandwich.
    As for the Prop 8 issue – I’m with you 100% I’m working on my own blog for that because I have far more to say than just a few comments!

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