What The ‘Left’ Has To Be Thankful For

It’s true. President-elect Barack Obama really DOES bring people together and can heal this nation.

How do I know? Because sitting down to write my ‘What the Left has to be Thankful for’ holiday post, I realized fellow BlogHer Contributor EM Zanotti and I agree on a very serious political issue. ONLY Obama has the power to pull something like that off. Only our Commander-in-Chief can bring the Right and Left sides of BlogHer together to give thanks.

What is it we agree and are giving thanks for?

Naked Soccer players.

Don’t look at me like that. As it turns out both the wonderful and fabulous American Princess and Queen of Spain agree the big bank bailouts suck and the only redeeming quality is the chance it will bring us one step closer to Naked Soccer players.

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

So aside from the obvious, what does the ‘Left’ have to be thankful for in the Year of Our Lord Obama 2008?


I am thankful the primaries saw that long-time feminist (eye roll) Rudy Guiliani get his ass handed to him.

I am thankful we only had to endure Mike Huckabee’s ‘folksy’ talks for a handful of months.

I am thankful just the act of Senators Clinton and Obama and Governor Palin running brought race and gender discussions to the forefront of our national conversation.

I am thankful the President-elect’s cabinet is shaping up with many women I admire.

I am thankful organizations like the White House project and WomenCount continue to push female candidates.

But you know what I am most thankful for?

I’m thankful BlogHer had a strong voice in shaping this country’s path. By featuring posts from our future First Lady, to Carly Fiorina, to enabling other women to VOTE, to inspiring nonPolitical bloggers to speak their minds, THIS community directly affected the election.

Alright maybe that’s not the most ‘left’ leaning thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But perhaps that’s how we move forward.

Attempting to find ways to agree with each other and get away from ‘left,’ ‘right,’ or ‘fringe, extreme party whacko.’ Attempting to take what we have learned after months upon months of arguing and fighting and deleting nasty comments and posting nasty comments and sincerely wondering if others in your sacred BlogHer community were entirely insane.

I am thankful we’re all still here. And we’re all still standing.

I am also thankful my conservative sisters haven’t turned away, but instead have continued the dialogue.

Sure that’s easy to say from the chick who’s candidate won. But if EM and I can agree on naked soccer players, who knows what might be possible.

Heck, I bet you most of us can even agree we’re thankful to NOT be one of Sarah Palin’s ‘pardoned’ turkeys… tee hee hee.

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  1. yeah !!
    sure you are ryt .l’m 101% behind yah…..

  2. ONLY Obama has the power to…??

    Oh please! Obama’s not God. He’s a good man. I voted for him. But he’s not Jesus Christ come to Earth to set things aright.

    Just to remind all of those out there who live in the moment and forget their history. Jimmy Carter got 54% of the vote and swept into office with big Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. He also had a lot of positive vibes flowing owing to the unpopular Nixon/Ford administration just before him. And we all recall that his administration was a…


    Let’s hope the Obamanistas bring us to the promised land, but, hey, you never know. He may generate so much crap they have to start a new pile.

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Dale, we need to work on you understanding my tone of ‘snark’ better…

  4. Whatever. I rather liked the “so much crap they had to start a new pile” line. In the interests of full disclosure, I stole it from Drew Carey.

  5. Amen!

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