That’s my 3-year old curtsying. Or if you prefer, kirtsying.

She’s informed me she’s now going to only wear dresses and only ‘act like a princess.’ Because this family is going to Disneyland on Saturday.

I wonder if I can still curtsy.

$20 says I fall on my ass.


  1. one of the things about doing vintage dance means that i curtsy fairly regularly, and in different styles based on the historical era. i’ve yet to fall on my ass doing a curtsy. doing an aerial during swing dance performances, however? yeah, been on my ass many a time…

  2. Oh come on. When you curtsy, you step back but you also lean forward. Much more likely you’ll face plant than fall on your ass!

    That said, even I can curtsy.

  3. Yep, leaning forward is key. (And I’m fairly embarrassed to admit I had to take square dancing in jr, high. Fun when you’re a full five inches taller than your partner.)

  4. Man. I am so jealous. I want to go to a Disney park so effing bad that I could cry… Like, fall on the floor kicking and screaming, old school kiddy fit the likes of which even my Queen-of-the-Tantrums 3 year old daughter has never seen. (How funny – I just looked up at the “Mom Blog Search” thing and in the search field it has typed “tantrum.” ….that’s eerie.)
    Anyway – I’m seriously jealous. Unfortunately, being broke, pregnant, and living in B.F.E. Oklahoma doesn’t exactly make it easy to get to either Disney park in the US. GR.
    I also think it’s hilarious that your daughter is curtsy-ing. My daughter just learned how to do the devil-horns hand gesture… She learned it from Spiderman. I did it to her yesterday and said, “Rock on, Gracie!” and she says to me in the cutest, but most argumentative tone I think I’ve heard from her this week, “Ugh. Mo-ohhhm. It’s not ‘Rock on.’ it’s ‘Go, web! Go!'” …Okay. Anyway, it’s fun seeing all the weird new things that kids do.

  5. Have fun at Disney! Be sure to hit the waterparks!

  6. She is so adorable! Hope you guys have a blast!

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