I Have Issues

With this commercial.

Did he just say “Let it drop and do the w00t w00t? the whoo hoo?”

Huggies Pull-Ups | “Potty Dance”More related videos from Asterpix


  1. Destined to be a BlogHer dance-off classic

  2. The hula hoop!!

  3. I expect this to end up right up there with the hustle

  4. I think he says “Hula hoop”, but without closing his mouth.

  5. I’m going to sing it as W00T W00T because it cracks me up that way

  6. you would sing it with woot woot! dork.

  7. but really? even with HULA HOOP it’s STILL BAD BAD BAD…do we usually teach our kids to let it drop and then swing their hips on the toilet ????

  8. oh.my.god. the potty dance??

  9. THANK ALMIGHTY GOD IN HEAVEN that I am not the only one that has problems with this commercial. Seriously. This commercial bothers me almost as much as that Burger King commercial that came out a couple years ago with Hootie (of the Blowfish?) singing about a chicken sandwich to the tune of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

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