Lobstery is Missing


That’s him. The orange one. Beloved by the boy for all of a week now. Tonight, after switching hotels in Orlando, we discovered Lobstery wasn’t around.

My son sobbed like he hasn’t sobbed in years.

Maybe it was 3 days of theme parks. Maybe it was all the sugar. Maybe it was true love of lobster…but my 6-year old was entirely heartbroken over the loss of his orange, plastic, squeaking lobster pal.

I called the Walt Disney World Dolphin and they kindly directed me to hotel security. The very nice man who answered the phone only giggled once when taking down a description of Lobstery. And swore that if “any lobsters matching his description came in” they would call.

Now I lay in the hotel bed next to a sleeping, yet still heaving, boy. He’s doing that thing you do after a really hard cry. That sob in your sleep thing. It’s pathetic. And gut wrenching.

Nana is in the other room swearing to drive all the way back to Tarpon Springs to get him another one. Of course, he doesn’t want another one. He wants “his” Lobstery.

I know which one he is. You can’t trick me. Because I loved him so very much.

But just think honey. When they find him, they will mail him to us. Lobstery will have an adventure!

No! Lobsters aren’t supposed to have adventures, Mom. He’s supposed to just stay with me.

So tomorrow morning I will wake up early to again re-pack our bags. I will, again, look through each and every suitcase for a hint of orange. And I will again call hotel security and check the lost and found.

Cross your fingers for us.

Come home Lobstery! We miss you!


  1. Here’s hoping Lobstery met a Lady Loberstery and he just lost track of time. And? That as we speak, he is scuttling his way back into your son’s arms by any means possible.

    Godspeed, Lobstery!

  2. I hope dear Lobstery is found!

  3. When I was seven, I lost Buttermilk, beloved stuffed animal kitty, in a hotel in Colorado.


    My parents bought me the dreaded replacement. Her face was too flat. And she was too big. And not Buttermilk.

  4. I live in St. Pete. I’d be happy to drive up to Tarpon this weekend. I could courier it to Orlando or we could meet halfway? Do you remember which store you got it from?

  5. Gee — hope he comes home soon, wagging his tail behind him.

  6. How heartbreaking! I hope Lobstery comes back to you.

  7. Awe hoping you receive a call from security saying come on down we found the lobster….blessings for the rest of your trip…and no more lost toys..

    Dorothy f rom grammology

  8. I totally understand the magnitude of this disappearance!

  9. Oh. My. God.
    When I was about 7 I cried all the way from Ocean City, NJ to Philadelphia upon realizing at the beginning of the trip that my plush, pink bunny had been left behind in the Lincoln Hotel (no longer there but at the time I thought it was the height of big-girl glamour) (later I realized it was more like a run-down version of the hotel in “The Shining”). I sobbed for days – and drew picture upon picture of my poor, abandoned bunny.
    Clearly I was damaged. I’m still reliving it…

  10. I once left Jolly, my still-beloved teddy bear, in a Disney World hotel, where a very kind maid mailed him back to me. I cried every single day until I got him back in the mail.

    Any Lobstery luck??

  11. I love that…”Lobster-y”… my 10yo son used to name everything that same way; “Whale-y”, “Beaver-y”, “Paperclip-y”…yes- a paperclip that he sobbed endlessly and longingly for when it was lost, proclaiming that, “It was the brother I never had!”. I feel your pain even if I am smiling a bit.

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