An Open Letter to iCarly

Hi Carly (aka Miranda Cosgrove),

It appears you are my son’s very first crush. He’s 6.

As a mother, I, of course, have some concerns. But overall, I’m ok with you being the object of his desire.

He seems to think you are prettiest and funniest girl on the planet and even drooled (no really, with real drool) when he saw your DVD on the shelf at the store.

You are the reason his father taught him the phrase “humminahumminahummina,” and for that, I apologize.

You’re a web chick (in theory), you don’t wear revealing clothes, you seem, by all tabloid accounts, to stay out of trouble.

On camera you stick blueberries up your nose and make chicken soup in a toilet. What 6-year old boy wouldn’t love you?

However, and this is a big however…if you go all Britney on me…I will be forced to ban you, your show, and your network. Harsh, I know…but in this day and age I just can’t risk my little guy’s heart and mind to the wiley ways of a wayward girl. He’ll get enough of that in his real life when the time comes, this I am sure. Hell, he gets enough of that from his own mother. So he really doesn’t need it from the fictional female he adores.

In short, don’t disappoint me. Please.

No pressure, really.




  1. the girl is 16 years old, so survey says she will probably “go britney” on you in approx 2 years. at least by then he’ll be 8, and perhaps onto the next thing?

  2. Ditto except my little guy is 10… and cannot wait for me to allow him to use a webcam. Go figure?

  3. All mothers should write letters likes these to their children’s crushes — then maybe (just maybe) they might keep their heads level and their panties on. Who knows? You might’ve just changed the course of Miranda Cosgrove’s life with this letter — someday when she’s old and gray, she’ll think back on this letter and remember how it always gave her the strength to not shave her head or marry a man who wears trucker hats. Good for you, momma. Good for you.

  4. Awesome! Love the “drool”. Here’s to one less “Brit-Brit” in the world.

  5. Yup – add my sons (5 and 7) to the ‘in love with Carly / Miranda Cosgrove’ list. So far, she’s inspired them to want to start their own website, so thumbs up from me (…again, so far).

  6. My daughter loves iCarly so I truly hope that she doesn’t get Brittified.

  7. Dawson has a crush on Sam. I asked him why he liked her and he repeated an answer verbatim, one his father no doubt taught him, “Cuz she’s cute, and she’s blonde.”

    I nearly died.

  8. Lolita my kid has been taping his own flipcam shows for a few months now!

  9. Oh yes, I know this lady well. You see, my eight year old also has eyes for Carly. At first he would not divulge the specifics on his crush so we were left wondering if it was Sam or Carly. But after months of grilling my (now scarred) little one we have found out his lady love’s true identity.

    I’m with you on the Britney thing. I might seriously, SERIOUSLY bust some heads if she gets all freaky-freak on us.

    Just sayin’

  10. Oh heavens no! Please, for all that is good in this world, do not let this girl go all Britney on us! My ten year old just loves iCarly and everything about it. My daughter is begging to have her own blog and has been making crazy practice videos for a while now.
    I think we should all contact her parents. Make them stay involved and keep this girl grounded.

    by the way, your son has good taste, she’s pretty cute.

  11. I feel for you and your son. A couple years ago I foolishly put my eggs in Miley Cyrus’s basket.

  12. My son is vigilant about watching this show! He says he like Sam because she likes to eat. I think he likes both of them though.

  13. I’ve watched that show and it’s pretty cute. My nephew (almost 8) always wants to go to iCarly’s website.

  14. I do love me some iCarly, as do my kids. As someone on Twitter said, she and Sam are like a modern day tween-version of Lucy and Ethel, and I think that’s pretty spot-on. Lord please, don’t let them go all Lohan on us. It’s refreshing to have two female, tech savvy characters with their tits in and their personalities out.

  15. My 4yo loves iCarly too but since he’s already got 3 girlfriends at preschool (insert eye roll here), I’m pretty sure his relationship with Carly is just platonic.

  16. Good grief. You just totally turned her into Britney. Why do you think that Britney turned into Britney – it was because of all the “be a good girl and don’t cause any trouble now little lady” crap. I’m so blaming you if she does a Britney now.

  17. I too am concerned. See, my son who is 9 and my daughter who is 3 (who sneaks in her brothers room to watch it with him) LOVE iCarly. I’m more worried that my 3 year old daughter will idolize her and attempt to go all Britney on me. Notice I said ATTEMPT? I’m not too worried about my 9 year old son being heart broken. I’d rather it be done by a fictional character than a real girl the first few times. That way I can practice hating them for breaking his heart before the “REAL” one comes along. I’m lame, aren’t i??

  18. I take full responsibility if iCarly goes Britney


  20. I thought my son, 7, was the only little boy who begs to watch iCarly. This makes me feel so much better

  21. Though I’m an 11-year-old girl, just listen to me. You guys are going a little overboard with this. Miranda Cosgrove has enough stress in her life. That’s what makes those celebrities go crazy! Like it’s going to help when she has a whole bunch of moms calling, e-mailing, and writing to her about going like that when she has to practice her lines, get through crowds of fans, schoolwork, and not to mention people who aren’t her fans and write, e-mail, and phone her about how bad they say she is! Just leave her alone without the stress. I say this as a young actress, student, and fan. Just think.

  22. My son is 8 years old and is completely in love with Miranda Cosgrove. His two older sisters torment him about it all the time! He is so going to need therapy.

  23. OMG – I love this! LOL I read stuff like this and just simply cannot wait to be a parent… Ok, you caught me, I can’t wait to be a parent period…

  24. I have absolutely no idea who she is, and for that I’m grateful.

  25. hey miranda its your number 1 bigesst fan ever ashlee i think you are so awsome and i think that sam rocks and freddie is so so so so so so so so cute i love your webshow e mail me love ya by ashlee see ya princess

  26. Morgan Maker says:

    Hi I’m nine and I love iCarly! I know this website is for mothers and there sons and daughters crushes but I wanted to let the world know I love iCarly.

  27. Morgan Maker says:

    Hi it’s me Morgan again. I wanted to say that I think Freddie is so cute! If freddie reads this site I wanted to ask him if he would want to go on a date with me?!?!?!?!

  28. Morgan Maker says:

    Hey Miranda (aka Carly) I am truly your favorite fan! please some time mention me on your site some time. I would be so happy!

  29. i love you Carly .

  30. Miranda Cosgrove says:

    Hey, guys. Thanks so much to my fans! And mom’s, don’t worry. I won’t go all Spears or Lohan on you. I think it’s kinda cute that your kids have a crush on me.

  31. Jennette McCurdy says:

    I know Miranda. She won’t go all Britney or Lindsay on you guys. She’s a lot like her character, maybe even nicer.

  32. i love you i carly

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  36. Morgan Maker says:

    dear Miranda and Jennette emil me at

  37. Morgan Maker says:

    nobody else email me!

  38. hello dea im from hawaii and im one of
    icarlys big fan..i love icarly from the first
    day i watch yah guys keep up the
    good work and make the icarly show last
    forever..and i cant wait to see the new one.
    keep up the good work…lol

  39. I love ur show im 15 in the 10 grade me and my younger sibilings love it…
    can u please show my comment on ur show or website.

    Thank you,
    Zuleima Rosette
    : )

  40. Can freedie please email me at

    PLEASE do it if u really care for ICARLY fans…

  41. Well sam and carly can also email me just as friends PLZ….
    oh and SAM i admire u cus ur just like me a bad girl in skool and out of skool.
    how can i do it cus i want to be a celebraty but dont know how to starts do u think u can help me????? PLZ

    Zuleima Rosette 🙂


  43. I promise that im ur biggest # 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  44. hi name krystal like icarly ilike your show

  45. hey carly

    im your biggest fan of all your fans i live in long beach,CA i would love if you would do icarly show there.And if you do please make a movie but in september 12 because thats my B-DAY
    please!!!!!!think about it

  46. ello carly

    i have a poster of you in my my room.
    my dad,mom,lil’ bro,and myself love your show
    if i could hand 5 people posters i would choose miley cyrus, jonas bros,you,and taylor swift and demi lovato.
    i wish you could come to my house for my b-day party. my friends would LOVE that! please email me. at kkmancub@ aol .com mabey you could give me your e-mail. i LOVE icarly! bye miranda.

  47. hi i love your show im 6 years old kailey elizabeth nicholson

  48. Syaheerah says:

    hi Icarly I’m a big fan

  49. TirzahVigil says:

    Hi im 10 and I know this site is for moms but i came across it and I just wanted to say im not a superfan but I do reallly love the show and just wish to actually talk to Miranda Cosgrove and maybe be on tv one day! My mom says that in all my life ive been discovered by like, 50 talent scouts just for my eyes, more for my hair and skin, isnt that weird? Its’s like im destined to be on tv, well, just please say hi Miranda!!

  50. icarly u rocks

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