Girly Girl

I don’t think I pushed her that way. I don’t think I encouraged make up and dresses and changing clothes 10 times a day. I don’t obsess about matching or cute shoes.

Or do I?

At least she put on the Wonder Woman arm band for good measure.

How Hala dressed herself for dinner


  1. I have a 4-year-old daughter and I have almost gone so far as to discourage the girly-girl thing. As soon as my daughter was old enough to assert her will, though, she was all about the pink and the sparkly and the glittery. She won’t leave for daycare without a headband and a necklace. She loves princesses and fairies and changes clothes at least 3 times a day.

    I’ve decided to just embrace it. I’m sure she will outgrow it one day, and in the meantime the love of all things girly will not do any harm. It’s my example that will carry the lasting influence.

  2. I’m embracing too, because part of it IS fun. but I also keep saying things like “but what matters is what’s INSIDE” and “beautiful isn’t important, SMART is” and lame crap like that. I can’t help it.

  3. Nothing says princess like a sweat band on the arm.

  4. but it’s a WONDERWOMAN sweat band. And it’s pink

  5. Even better. If my parents ever could have gotten me in a dress when I was a kid, I’d definitely be rocking a sweatband with it.

  6. so cute!! My girly-girl daughter has same Belle princess dress, with the matching godawful tiara!

  7. She is gorgeous. Such a perfect mix of the two of you.

  8. The Belle dress…once upon a time I had a wee daughter who wore nothing BUT her Belle dress. Day after day after day. She wore it to preschool for days in a row…her mother tagging behind her explaining it had been washed. She wore it to a feminist bookstore where I blushed, shrugged, explained that I didn’t fight over clothes, and the owner beamed at my girly daughter, took pictures…and spoke to me about what MY issues with girly girls were and why I should just get over them.

  9. eh, go w/it. The deal is to be a girly girl who will clock ’em when they give you a hard time. (They typically being boys I guess.) If she can rock a princess dress, while knocking the kid who just cut in line in front of her even better. THAT is my kind of girly-girl.

  10. Oh, the memories. Take heart- by 7, she will likely move on to the next stage: horses/dolphins.

  11. she looks adorable

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