For My Mom

See… if I just pull up my shirt and keep my hair down, no one will see. We tested it in a tank top too…barely showing. I swear.

Good night


  1. I think we have gotten to the place where having tattoos showing is about as shocking as having pierced ears.

  2. Show it off, girl!

  3. We need to see a better picture! Please, please…living vicariously through you.

  4. I’m with everyone else asking for a better picture! Is your mom on Twitter? Can you TweetPic a more clear picture?

  5. I was watching Twitter as it was being done, and I think it’s beautiful. Perfect location, perfect design.

  6. Come on, show it off!

  7. that’s a tease. Let’s see it. I NEED another tattoo

  8. ooooouuuuuuucccccchhhhhh

    owie, just ouch.

  9. FlashDANCE!!!! What a FEEEEEEELING! ;-P

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