I looked down at my feet tonight and saw sock that weren’t my own.

Just plain white socks.

I squinched my face and tried to remember where I had snagged them from.

A drawer?

A laundry basket?

The counter by the shoes, I think?

My feet were cold. My feet are always cold. And I went for the first pair I could find.

I squinched my face again peering at these white socks realizing they weren’t mine, but they also weren’t my husband’s.

Odd, I thought.

And then…my heart fell into my stomach, my eyes grew wide, and my mind began to race.

These are my son’s socks.

I’m wearing my son’s socks.

My son has feet big enough to wear sock that would fit my feet.

My son that is six. He’s SIX. He’s not seven for two more weeks.

How can my baby boy possibly have feet that would wear socks that would even come close to fitting my feet?

I’m wearing my son’s socks. And they fit.

And I mourn. And I celebrate. And I mourn.

Just plain white socks.

My guy


  1. Either your kid has some HUGE feet or you have small feet!

    Crazy how fast they grow up. It is so much fun to see the person our kids are turning into, but I totally wish I could keep my daughter 4 forever.
    .-= Red Lotus Mama┬┤s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: The Game =-.

  2. Love the bracelet! LOL

  3. Wow…that’s some awesome natural light you have ­čÖé
    .-= Kath┬┤s last blog ..Restless =-.

  4. Awww. (and yeah, the natural light and the bracelet/wrist cuff are pretty awesome.)
    .-= Al_Pal┬┤s last blog ..Sensitivity: I have it. =-.

  5. That is a big moment. Weird. Unreal. Surreal. Pretty soon you will be swapping t-shirts.

    You should borrow his bracelet too! That’s COOL!
    .-= Camille Bright-Smith┬┤s last blog ..Money Honey =-.

  6. first, love your blog…

    second, before you know it your son will utter a casual “hi mom” and you’ll say, “yikes, whose ‘man voice’ is that??” cherish every moment… it goes by soooo fast.

  7. If the sock fits – wear it!

  8. That’s parenthood, isn’t it? That dance of celebrating and mourning; of loving the people they’re becoming and missing the babies that they were.


  9. It does sneak up on a person doesn’t it.
    .-= amanda┬┤s last blog ..Shadow Ghosts =-.

  10. Sneaky twits, they are.
    .-= patois┬┤s last blog ..An Old Person =-.

  11. When I fold the laundry I sometimes confuse my wifes socks with my 6 year olds.

    My wife has a thing for Iron Man and Ben 10.

  12. In your mind’s eye though, he will always be your little boy, no matter how tall he gets, no matter where he goes or what power he wields, he will always be your little boy:)
    .-= Jean┬┤s last blog ..St PatrickÔÇÖs Day in Boston! =-.

  13. The wrist cuff is awesome. The windows, fantastic.

    I’m frightened that my daughter will be there before I know it!

    They grow so fast, dammit.

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