Sarah Palin: Freedom Fighter! Feminist!

I spend a lot of time around women.

I am a woman. I work for a women’s network. I’ve been a member of NOW, the Feminist Majority Foundation, Emily’s List…so on and so forth. Gender-specific causes are my thing. They always have been.

So when Sarah Palin starts throwing the “f” word around, I get nervous.

Not because I don’t think conservative feminists exist. Not because I don’t want to see more women in politics…but because I don’t think she’s done a damn thing to further women, or women-related causes. Quite the contrary.

She was chosen as a running-mate to exploit the female vote. She has been inept and uneducated on issues in debates and in the national spotlight. She’s opposed women-friendly legislation and backed women-unfriendly legislation. If this is a feminist, I’m a Republican.

But hey, call yourself whatever you like Sarah. It’s the “Mamma Grizzly” comment I’m really after. You recently remarked the conservative “pro-woman” (oxymoron much?) pink elephants will be taking on DC to take back their country.

I have news for you… we Mamma Grizzlies did rise on our hind legs, we reared-up, and we elected Barack Obama.

Don’t play the gender card unless you know how and take a note from those of us who have been down in the trenches for many, many years fighting this fight. You want in? Fine. But be prepared to fight for women’s equality in word and deed. That means letting go of those “traditional” family values you hold so dear and understanding all women encompass more than those guidelines.

My “feminist” legislation does not ignore your choices.

My “feminist” legislation works to strengthen all families, including yours.

Can you say the same about yours? Am *I* included in your platform? Because you are included in mine.

I’ll fight for you if you’ll fight for me…but the track record ain’t so good on you getting my back. Let’s face it, you’re using the female card as you see fit like a good politician. Or talk show host. Or…whatever it is you are now. Maybe you can rally the conservative Moms (if their husbands let them) and maybe you can find a few more conservative women to join your “whoo hooo girl power!” cry…but it will all come tumbling down once you actually get down to the Republican party platform. Because let’s not kid ourselves, even if we put abortion aside, there’s a reason only 21 of those elephants in Congress are pink, and it sure as hell isn’t because they are “pro-woman.”

Don’t take my word for it though, take a look at the Republican Women’s legislation … I’ll wait.

*deafening silence*

That didn’t take long, huh?

Listen, I’m all for getting more women elected. I’m all for getting women to speak up, speak out, and have their voice heard, but Sarah Palin needs to stop pretending to be something she’s not. Instead of co-opting a movement that has nothing to do with her values, she needs to create her own. Instead of riding the coattails of those of us…what did she call us…um… sitting in some faculty lounge at some East Coast women’s college…something something… she needs to organize her own conservative “pro-woman” movement, whatever conservative women think that may be.

But leave the “feminism” to the women fighting for gender equality.

p.s. Susan B. Anthony likes to pal around with Socialists

p.p.s Your party wants you back in the kitchen

p.p.p.s Once we all have a real conversation about this issue, no whining!



  1. So fucking true.

  2. “Am *I* included in your platform? Because you are included in mine.”
    i love that – so well said! as a working mom & liberal dem, i’m raising my son to understand that all people should be respected, regardless of how different they might be from ‘us’. i truly believe that it is our differences that make us great! keep preaching, sista!
    .-= barb´s last blog ..workin’ for the benefits =-.

  3. Hell yes! My feminism doesn’t want to stop her from making her choices. I can’t say the same for her version when it comes to my choices.
    .-= Summer´s last blog ..My 2 Week Menu Plan for $150 =-.

  4. Amen, Momma. As for The Twinkie Quittah… she’s a disgrace to anything female…

  5. You’re my hero, Erin.
    .-= Mom101´s last blog ..Drastic inboxes call for drastic measures =-.

  6. This mama bear not only voted Barack Obama into office, she even encouraged her son to listen to his words of encouragement to all American students during the President’s address to public school children last fall.


    .-= Cynematic´s last blog ..From row 5 of the “O” show at the Bellagio. May the curtain rise on a wonderful New Year for you and yours in 2010. =-.

  7. Hey, I just stumbled accross your blog via a Twitter reTweat. I really like it! I have bookmarked it and will follow you.
    I’m a feminist in Calgary, Canada who hosts a feminist radio program. Always interested in connecting with other feminists around the world!

  8. I have been saying this since this parasite crawled out from her cave in Alaska. I can STAND this woman. She makes my skin crawl. I try to teach my daughter to stand on her own and woman like this make it difficult to do.

  9. Erin, thought you might like the comment from Sonia Fuentes on Palin (scroll down to the bottom):

    PS Glad you’re feeling better mama bear! lol 🙂

  10. Standing up and applauding!! I have two female friends who are republicans. I cannot, cannot talk politics with them, especially politics surrounding women’s issues because it always makes my blood boil.

    Sarah Palin as a feminist, oxymoron, hell has frozen over, just makes me want to laugh.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..The Perfect Saturday Morning =-.

  11. So happy to see you feeling better! (I LOVED this post.)
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..Carole King and James Taylor’s Troubadour Reunion and Musical Memories =-.

  12. Felicia says:

    I was curious about the link you provided re: Republican’s platform on women’s issues. That particular platform was for 107th Congress, which lasted from 2001 to 2003. Have the Republicans put out anything more recent, sat perhaps, for the current Congress?

  13. Felicia says:

    Okay, so I checked on the National Federation of Republican Women ( website and discovered that the answer is no, they haven’t come up with a new platform for women in the last ten years. Based on the menu bar on the main page, it would seem that their biggest concern is sex offenders; apparently gender discrimination in pay isn’t very important to the pink elephants. I was also surprised to learn that prostate cancer is a woman’s issue.

  14. prostate cancer is a woman’s issue

    I know some transgender people for whom this could be a concern … but I really don’t think that’s what the GOP is on about here … 😉

  15. I am aghast that some one whose job it seems is to create as much hate and dissent as possible can be so successful!

  16. This topic is one that I find hard to put my frustration into words. You did a great job of venting exactly how I feel on this topic. Thank you for speaking for those of us who get so fired up we can’t get it into words.
    .-= mamaspeak´s last blog ..Not Just Ruining Professional Baseball Careers =-.

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