Waiting for Obama

I can’t stop thinking about the oil disaster in the Gulf and the pundit talk about what the President should and shouldn’t be doing. Too soft, not angry, too angry, not emotional enough.. blah blah blah.

Every time I turn on my TV I see President Obama talking about the disaster, or Robert Gibbs, or I get a White House press update in my inbox. I realize they are working their asses off trying to get a handle on the line between letting a company fix its problem and taking over a disaster that impacts us all.

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But there is something I’m waiting for that hasn’t happened yet…something… Obama-ish.

What am I expecting? … I’m expecting the community organizer I elected.

I want the White House to force BP’s hand, let the media in, let the President and the First Lady in and then see a major announcement for a call to action.

Imagine President Obama and his family on an oil ridden beach, with environmental leaders and scientists, calling on the country to organize and help clean. To submit their ideas, to offer their time and money. Imagine him asking us to pitch in, to do what we can, to come together as a nation to pool our resources and our smarts and our time and help.

I want the strong arm of the White House to do their work behind the scenes in the way only DC knows how…playing politics and twisting arms. But in front of the camera and to bolster our confidence, I want our country’s leader doing what he does best: calling on US to act and take part in change.

I’m waiting. My kids are waiting. We’re ready to help…lead us. Tell us how. We want to visit Nana and Gramps and feel those warm Gulf waters with our feet and feel the sand in our toes.

To hell with BP. We’ll make them pay for this entire effort, but it’s going to take everyone to save the Gulf and it’s time for the President to lead the nation in protecting our coast and water and the animals and habitat -starting with showing us what we all can do to help.

I understand there are many unanswered questions right now. So many unknowns and safety issues…but what the nation needs is its community organizer with his wife and children pitching in – and we’ll follow suit.


  1. I’m right with you. When is enough enough? I think now. And btw, can’t believe our smooth talker hasn’t even personally talked to Hayward in 51 days.
    .-= Debbie Lavdas´s last blog ..Wild time at Wild Rivers =-.

  2. My husband works in the industry. He just shrugs at all the angst. A disaster was always a possibility and it’s the price we pay for our dependence on stuff that is oil byproduct. In a sense, we are all to blame.

    He was a bit surprised that no one has tried to salvage the oil – it can be done apparently, but he isn’t surprised that BP hasn’t done it because the current oil glut means there aren’t enough super tankers available for the storage.

    It’s interesting to listen to my husband and compare it with what is in the news. Kind of a contrast and puts the Obama admins lack of action into a different context.
    .-= annie´s last blog ..Scarlet’s Meme =-.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I appreciate that we’ve finally got a president that’s cerebral, but now I want to see some heart. This is nothing less than an environmental 9/11, yet I’m not seeing or feeling the rage. It’s time to do something bold, like seize BPs assets and let the right-wing scream about “socialism” all they want.

    God, I am so frustrated! Thanks for posting on the subject.

  4. Debbie I don’t think he needs to sit down with the CEO…I’m sure his staff is doing that and getting enough updates. I know this is being handled behind the scenes and have full confidence in them (the admin) in trying to do what ‘they’ can – what BP can do is another story. What we need, in the wake of a disaster, is that community organizer ‘come together’ feeling… and there is no one better than Obama to do it.

  5. I said the same thing. I’m watching Shoq and a bunch of others crowdsource a solution which just might work to stop the flow of oil into the gulf and I want to be able to reach up and say LOOK AT THIS!!!

    And have them look. Really, stinkin’ honestly look.
    .-= Karoli´s last blog ..PG&E buys lies in sleazy Democratic Voters Choice group slate mailer =-.

  6. They listened before Karoli. We need to make them listen again. And always.

  7. Maybe what finally pushed me over the top was Palin’s facebook rant about not needing a community organizer right now, but needing an executive. Sorry, but I’ve seen what those executives do… I want that community organizer … and I want him now. YES WE CAN

  8. Yes!

    I’ve been trying to put my finger on just what is missing from this picture. You nailed it. Frankly, I get enough email from OFA about the Nov. elections. Why isn’t there a call to action? Why are we not seeing a summit of environmental experts invited to the WH, who can frame a program that works to bring the communities and volunteers together to address what we can?
    .-= Margaret´s last blog ..The Bereavement Party =-.

  9. Community clean-up. Uh, no. Corexit’s out there. A community clean-up would only lead to more sick people.

    But I have said that people won’t be happy until they see Obama in chest-high waders scooping oil off the Gulf into his hands. We love theater in America, even if actions are only symbolic.
    .-= Nordette´s last blog ..A Look at BP’s Corporate Character: Workers Say It Took Short Cuts Leading to Deep Horizon Oil Rig Explosion =-.

  10. I agree 100% percent, I want to see my president down on those beaches helping to rescue and clean birds while telling our nation that action to fix this this will happen NOW.

  11. I have said people won’t be happy until they see Obama in chest-high waders scooping oil from the Gulf of Mexico with his hands. However, no to community clean-up. The presence of the dispersant Corexit makes that a bad idea. We don’t need more people sick.
    .-= Nordette´s last blog ..A Look at BP’s Corporate Character: Workers Say It Took Short Cuts Leading to Deep Horizon Oil Rig Explosion =-.

  12. Perfectly said. Even a town meeting where people can be emotional is a way to be in the thick of things. I know my President can handle this. And I know that he can get a group of people, even those without degrees to work together to solve this problem.

    There’s so many ideas circling around. I’m even looking for the White House web site to be open to those submissions and someone really looking at them.
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..Ronzoni Smart Taste Photo Contest =-.

  13. Love this call to action.

  14. Yes. Obama has such skill as a mass mobilizer, as an inspiration. Tell me what I can do? Let me know what you are doing. Yes.
    .-= maggie, dammit´s last blog ..Lights Out. =-.

  15. He’s too busy pointing fingers & going on vacation & to parties. If this had been BUSH, we would never have heard the end of it… how he wasn’t doing enough. Since O is the *chosen one*, he gets a pass from the MSM. What a crock.

  16. Tell me CaroleJ who, exactly is he pointing fingers at – provide a link please (considering he’s said those responsible will be held accountable and he’s still working to figure out who’s ass to kick) – and further more I must have missed the vacation having seen him cancel several trips in order to be in the Gulf region.

    Oh, and yes, he should totally ignore all dignitaries because a company in the US fucked up. /eyeroll

    I’d like to see what ‘pass’ he’s getting as well – considering I’m reading stories critical of the Admin’s handling in every major media outlet. But let me guess… you don’t read or see those because you’re glued to Fox news?

    Go peddle your crazy hate somewhere else. It’s not wanted here.

    Come back with constructive ways to help and we’ll talk.

  17. I just think it’s really ironic that the President keeps making trips there in Air Force One. Ironic for the amount of fuel it consumes. Forget it, I’m just butting in.
    .-= Jim Mitchem´s last blog ..The Last Day =-.

  18. I suppose you’d rather have the President with the most threats in history on a bike?

  19. jem gee says:

    You would have him waste high in wadders —

    and does Nietzsche and ‘The Politics of Infinity,’ not count for our current President? No insult to Him of course.

  20. jem gee says:



  21. jem gee says:

    And sorry I don’t have a link for that. More of just how Nietzsche viewed infinity and it’s application – yeah, don’t mind Cooper.

  22. jem gee says:

    Really sorry for all the comments at once. Just realized something could have been misinterpreted …
    ‘Cooper’ as in Laurence D. Cooper, NOT Anderson Cooper
    sorry for all the posts.

  23. jem gee says:

    Queen of Spain,
    You commented an hour and a half after CaroleJ commented and jumped at Jim Mitchem three minutes after he posted …

    Here’s something fun, before you focus too heavily on capitalism and mans dependence on oil being the cause of oil in the ocean…

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s on our shores, a little different, but still something to consider.

    No response??? Queen? It’s almost three days!!!

  24. I think you blogged part of the the conversation I had with my husband last night during the news coverage of the Gulf.

    Although neither of us voted for Obama we discussed the same thing and the feeling of where is the leadership on this? So many people are ready, waiting, wanting to help and haven’t been able to do so because they don’t know how to or the opportunity hasn’t been presented for them to get in there and help.

    I heard in passing the other day that volunteers were tuned away because they were non-union workers and I felt angry. I don’t want to hear about union vs. non-union crap right now, I want to hear about people banding together to take care of our land, our beaches, our waters, our wildlife, our people.

    I feel compelled to help, I want to help, I have a strong desire to help, I *need* to help.

    I’m curious to see what the president will have to say tonight when he addresses us at 8:00 pm … I keep seeing snippets of him in the Gulf saying things like we need to put this in place, we need to implement this, but no one has said what “this” is.

    I know with a little bit of guidance our nation is going to pull together and get this mess cleaned up, literally. Hopefully before it becomes much worse, hopefully before a hurricane comes along and washes oil into the water reservoirs of those Gulf areas making their drinking water supply unusable, hopefully before a lot of things.

  25. I disagree with the accusation of hate in Comment 16. Carole (who I don’t know) did nothing wrong: she didn’t ridicule you or exhibit any hate whatsoever. All she did was to show no fear of you. Is that what prompted you?

    Your blog was recommended by Tris Hussey in his excellent book “Create your own blog,” but I feel dismay to find that a high-profile blogger would engage in such an unwarranted accusation. You evince an aura of self-appointed infallibility that is most inappropriate to the pursuit of truth and tolerance.

  26. Tony the attacks on the President have been nothing but hatefilled. Calling him the ‘chosen one’ is a staple in the rhetoric and very common in those who demonize the President. Really very common in American political rhetoric. Asking for her to back up her claims is entirely reasonable.

    And yes, my self appointed infallibility is a staple of MY blog, which is why its’ mine. And why it’s popular. It’s my space to rant, rave, and do what I please. If you are looking for a different kind of discourse I suggest BlogHer, where I write professionally, or somewhere else.

    Blogging isn’t always a play nice space. There are flame wars, arguments, etc. While I appreciate Tris mentioning me there are many facets to the industry and you’ll find in a political thread I will fight and accuse and argue and debate.

  27. Thank you, Tony. Now you see that one of the key qualities of a “high-profile blogger” is a certain ill-defined unprofessionalism. Not that you should complain. At the very least, blogging keeps them off the street, where they could do real damage…
    .-= daleandersen´s last blog ..KOZIER-FUNDAMENTOS-CAP1 =-.


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