Ground Zero Mosque – My Kids Have It Right

…but if the good people want to help, and want to have their church there, why can’t they?

Well honey, some bad people did some things with their church too, and it really upsets the people’s families who died.

But these people are trying to just be normal, why can’t they be normal and help? Why does everyone hate them, even though they are nice and just want to live there too?

Because sometimes, sweetie, other people can be very blind. They don’t see how any of these people could be nice- even if they are.

Mom, that’s really … you know… the ‘d’ word.


Yeah, that’s dumb. Why are some people dumb?

I don’t know honey. I don’t know.


  1. Sigh…
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  2. Your kids are amazing.
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  3. There is hope for our future. I truly believe there are more children like yours than there are otherwise.
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  4. From the mouths of babes. Let’s hope we can move past the actions of a small disturbed faction in the hopes that the majority of those now judging will not be held accountable for their own faith’s extremism. It’s a long, dark history on every side and it’s not moving any single person forward.
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  5. I just had this argument with my mother-in-law. Where were your kids when I needed them?
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  6. I love the honesty of children.

  7. Keep it up kids, you can change the world! I love it.
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  8. Here’s what everyone needs to know about the Ground Zero Mosque:

    I teach my child to be aware of the reality we live in, as much as we would like things to be different. To make things different, we must first face what is.

  9. Sorry MamaBird, the Weekly Standard fear and hate campaign does not fly here.

    Every Muslim is not a terrorist just like every Christian is not an abortion doctor killer. I refuse to deny an entire community a stake in the rebuilding of their community because of what a fringe group did. If we did that to everyone, no one would be left to rebuild.

    Hate and fear are not the answer.

  10. I’m still making up my mind about the whole debate of the proposed center in New York, but what I am amazed by is how people can blindly hate an entire group of people. I just don’t understand it. Who knows. Maybe I’m naive.
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  11. I think it is a great idea to build a community center two blocks from Ground Zero. A place where Muslims can worship and a place where people of other or no religions can gather for meetings, lectures, etc. We need more open spaces like this, regardless of what the religious affiliation is.

    (We live in a small town and three different (religions) churches are hosting Vacation Bible School this summer at one of the churches – I love that; the children will all be together, sharing Christianity with each other, recognizing their similarities. Not the same thing, I know, but unity is unity is unity.)

    After reading Sabrina’s article I am even more in favor of this building. BUT I want to know that the funding for this building is not from extremist groups as it is stated to be in the Weekly Standard article. Even if just some of the funding is from terrorist organizations, then I think I can’t support it. If the funding is from legit, non-hating organizations (of ANY religious affiliation or no religious affiliation) then build it and we will all learn. But if the funding is coming from terrorists, then I have to question the objectives of the builders.

    Erin – what is the case on the funding? Is it an issue or is the Weekly Standard article wrong? I hope it is wrong, I hope the reason the Cordoba Initiative group didn’t get back to Sabrina was just because the deadline was too short. I really love the idea of Park 51, I hope it can build bridges and open hearts.

  12. As someone who watched in horror from my living room window as the planes hit the twin towers one after the other, I feel particularly sensitive about this subject. It’s a matter of respect, plain and simple. The New Yorkers opposing the mosque are not a bunch of idiotic right wingers. I would also oppose a pork sandwich lunch truck looking to park in front of a mosque or the opening of a new liquor store next to a mosque, out of respect and acknowledgment that it would touch an easily activated nerve in the hearts of the people inside. I don’t want to see a new mosque next to ground zero. I don’t want to visit the site where so many people I know were incinerated and hear that unmistakable call to prayer over the loud speakers from the mosque next door. Teaching respect for all people is what will change the world. While I believe they should have the legal right to build their mosque where they want, I wish they’d choose to build it in another spot. NYC is a big town and nobody is complaining about the 200 other mosques in town.

  13. Another good article

  14. Allison what about respect for all Muslims and the fact that only extremists were involved? What about respect for freedom of religion? What about respect for your Islamic countrymen who want to rebuild their community? Why do you demand respect from them and yet not give it?

  15. and interview with the project manager and it includes funding answers

  16. I don’t think I made my point clearly. I believe in freedom and fully support the other 200 mosques in NYC. It’s more a question of location here and in selecting this particular cross section of town on the planned grand opening date of September 11, 2011 no less, is insensitive. If the real goal is not to send a message of victory to the Islamic world (by building an entirely new mosque on ground zero as opposed to rebuilding one damaged in the attacks) but to open a community center designed to foster tolerance and friendship then in my opinion, they’re going about it the wrong way.

  17. Allison echos my thoughts exactly. There is no restriction on building mosques anywhere in this country and as far as I know, no one has ever opposed the building of one until this one. Just because people find the building of this mosque in this location at this time, in poor taste, does not mean they consider all Muslims terrorists or that they want to supress freedom of religion. Myself included.

    There has been no investigation into the funding of this mosque except good faith acceptance of what was presented, which on it’s face looks on the up-and-up. The Weekly Standard has raised valid questions and dismissing them as fear and hate mongers does not devalue the validity of their points:

    1. The Imam in charge of the construction refused to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization. (New York Post, 6/19/10)

    2. The Imam of the project is a member of Perdana Global, the single largest funder of the flotilla that tried to break the blockade of Gaza by Israeli defense forces. (New York Post, 6/5/10)

    3. The questionable background of the funding sources for the construction of the Mosque. (New York Post, 5/25/10)

    Which is why Rick Lazio has started a petition to investigate:

  18. There is no reason for any religious group to have a facility built at Ground Zero. It is not a fringe group that opposes this. It is not a bunch of racists or xenophobes.

    It is insensitive and a mistake for it to be there. It is an obfuscation of truth and reality to suggest that they can’t build their community without this facility.

    More importantly, no one is preventing them from practicing their faith.
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  19. Jack- the community center is interfaith and blocks from Ground Zero…

  20. Right. because anyone who has any family anywhere near Hamas must be a terrorist. I can’t imagine what people would say about me given my Michigan Militia uncles …

  21. the mosque inside the Pentagon

  22. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser—devout Muslim, physician, former U.S. Navy lieutenant commander and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy—says there is every reason to investigate the center’s funding under the circumstances. Of the mosque so near the site of the 9/11 attacks, he notes “It will certainly be seen as a victory for political Islam.”

  23. Bubba Schmo says:

    If it’s a bad thing to not let these ‘good people’ build their church, then is it a good thing to anger and humiliate the thousands of people who lost loved ones in this terrorist attack?
    You can say that it’s not an entire people who performed this act, but if you look at the religious affiliation of the terrorists who have performed terrorist acts it comes up jihad probably better than 90% of the time.
    What you call kindness and understanding toward one group is betrayal and insensitivity toward your own people. You make me sick.

  24. I think a gay bar and a space for lectures on the empowerment of woman would be a great addition to the planned mosque, wouldn’t you say?


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