I think it lasted a year. Maybe two. In that time before they really could walk or talk and I had control.

Who am I kidding…even then I didn’t have control.

But I was able to dress them up in whatever I saw fit. My dream of frilly girl dresses and hockey jerseys lasted for such a short period of time that I’m not even sure many photos exist.

What I do know, is that my husband and I made a point to encourage our children’s individuality. Their creativity, and their own sense of self. That means that now, when picture day at school rolls around, I ask them what they want to wear and they choose. I don’t even try to sway them to the dress I would pick out, or the shirt I would prefer. This isn’t about me, and it never has been.

And I couldn’t be more proud of the independent, amazing, and totally stylish in their own quirky way kids we’re raising.

This is how @aaronvest and I's children dressed themselves for picture day ...hee hee hee

Rock on.


  1. love! it! i let my kids do whatever they want. i have a friend whose daughter wore a tiara in her kindy pic. totally loved it!

  2. Today was picture day for us too.
    I requested clean faces and hair.
    Otherwise, it’s up to them.

  3. Oh, they are cute. I love it.

  4. I am sure I would have those same hockey jersey dreams of my kids wearing them for picture day if I had kids. They are styling and it is awesome! Great job Aaron and Erin!

  5. Your kiddos are lookin’ smart! 🙂 I hope it’s a fabulous picture day.
    I recently was introduced to your blog, and I have really been enjoying it.

  6. I love that you say OK to their independence. My oldest would love your daughter’s style (she’s my very own Punky Brewster and I love it). I have sometimes winced at what she’s put together, but I have forced myself to never suggest she change (unless of course it was that sleeveless linen dress she tried to don last Christmas, but then it was just seasonal, not the look of it). I love that she will wear stripes with dots and plaid with anything. She loves the Little Miss Mismatched store and for the love of all that’s good in the world, those damn gloves (like your daughter’s) are a necessity.

  7. If Jack look any more like Aaron with that smirk…

  8. It will be fun when my little girl can dress herself or even pick out her own outfit… she’s only 5 months old now!

  9. Clothes were always something my kids used to express their independence. I’m so thankful my Mom was there to tell me to pick my battles. While my friends were having problems every morning because they were trying to force their kids to wear outfits that matched, I was laughing with the kids while they shoveled down cheerios.

    I’ll never forget one of the other moms that was active at the elementary school coming up to me and saying how great my daughters outfits were. How did I come up with them? It was nearly impossible not to laugh in her face. I told her I had no control over what they wore except if it was appropriate. That I typically cringed or lmbo after they walked out the door to the bus stop.

    Here was one of the more stylish moms saying how cool my kid always dressed. Priceless memory.

  10. Awesome outfits! Love the skirt on your little on!

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  11. I needed to read this. I’ve always been that way with how my kiddo dresses, but lately I’ve had my head up my ass and I find myself arguing with her about how “that doesn’t match…go change!” I need to let go and let her express herself.

    And your kids look great. So absolutely unique and awesome.

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