Getting the Heck Out of Dodge

It’s been a long stretch of treatment and school and work and treatment and school and work around here. The stress remains through the roof and we needed just a little something to get us through the next few months of treatment and work and summer vacation.

So we packed up the car and drove north a few hours and found ourselves in the middle of Sequoia National Park. We unplugged and tried our best to unwind.


There was fishing and river rock climbing and game playing and s’more making. All the things you need.


And all done together.

The whole family is enjoying the river

And, of course, there were things I couldn’t do because I’m not able. But it didn’t diminish the fun or make me sad. I was happy to be out, even if that meant in the car with the dog while the kids and Aaron took a hike in the forest.

1/2 mile hike & no dogs allowed at the largest tree on the planet- I can't hike, Nicky can't go

Which makes it all the more unfair that *I* was the one who came home and found a tick in my scalp.

The thing I just pulled out of my head!!!! Help!!!!

At least we have the memories of these beautiful trees while I visit the doctor tomorrow to make sure my already compromised immune system didn’t suffer a blow from that damn bug.

Goodbye Sequoia

Next time maybe we just need to stick to Disney. 😉 Or at least remember the bug spray.

Next week it’s back to treatment for me, as I push to get healthy enough to be able to do more things the next time we go somewhere. I may not have a totally normal life, but it will never be dull….and I will never suppress my wanderlust for Lupus.

Lupus will just have to learn to like to new places.


  1. Oh what a wonderful trip! So glad you got to get out and have some fun. I have a friend with Lupus (8 years now) and she is also a very busy lady like you. She is amazing and has more energy than I have. She juices and has been doing so for 10 years. If you have time please read her story

    She is now opening a new retail store here in Vegas.

    I have always love your energy and fight also. Your both amazing ladies that I feel honored to know and take inspiration from you daily.


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