Basketball Jones

I’ve never had to hold inside this much excitement in my life.

Go ahead and laugh.

It’s such a small, small deal in the course of things…but I am so, so, so excited I can’t contain myself and I KNOW I am setting myself up for total disappointment here.

You see, my daughter has decided to play basketball. I know, not a big deal, right?


I played basketball. And I don’t mean I played basketball as in- when I was a kid I dabbled in basketball- I mean from about 4th grade on I devoted every summer and fall and winter and I’m pretty sure parts of spring to nothing but basketball practice and games.

By the time I entered high school I had been playing for TWO teams (my public school junior high and the catholic school’s team) and made Varsity as a freshman. And eventually started. As a freshman.

So you get what I mean when I say I played basketball then, right?

There is a pee-wee team just starting out at our tiny little school and I asked my daughter, as casually as I could muster, if she wanted to try it out.

#allhailhala wants to ride today cc: @aaronvest

She said yes.

I made sure.

She said yes.

I gave her every out imaginable.

She still said yes.

Practice starts tomorrow. They play four games total. I’m fairly certain I’m more excited than she is and I’m fairly certain I’m going to have to sit on my hands and put duct tape over my mouth on the bleachers.

Hey…maybe that’s a good strategy for Republicans and my mouth!

Anyway…like I said. Practice starts tomorrow. Wish us luck.

Actually, wish her luck. Wish me Xanax.


  1. That’s fantastic. My 9 yo daughter played her first season of basketball last year. While it was a huge time committment (two practices a week, games every Saturday for 2 months) she absolutely loved it and what she’s learned and gained in confidence has made it so so worth it!

  2. Mary Parsigian says:

    I saw you play! You were great! I hope she likes it as much as you did.

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