My Family Thanks YOU: Four More Years

Tears of joy as the final states were called and the President was named tonight’s winner:

Tears of joy all around. Four more years. #obama2012 #blogforobama #shevotes #blogher

…and a quick video once I gathered myself a bit:

I want to thank everyone who worked on this election for all of their hard work. From my family to yours…my deepest thank you. From our hearts.

My children have had the privilege of seeing this election from the inside. They were at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. They voted with me. They have watched endless hours of news, heard me speak on the matter, heard their Dad talk about it and all the issues involved.

If anything else has been learned from all from all of this, it has been that children are smart and they cut to chase. As my son said today, “Obama has to win, because ┬áRomney has only been for some people while the President has been for EVERYONE.”

Tonight it seems America agreed with my nine-year old. Now let’s hope everyone can come together and find common ground to move FORWARD.



  1. I was thinking about you driving to our polling place, about how much Obamacare matters to you and your family. And how hard you’ve worked to get and keep him elected. I have tears of joy for you! xoxo

  2. We can all BREATHE now. So happy for your family and for all of us.

  3. Very happy for your family and you!

  4. You were our own personal reporter tonight when we went to celebrate my stepdad’s birthday and your text came in letting us know that his birthday wish came true.

    I am thrilled for all Americans, even the ones who think that this is a mistake. They’ll continue to have the freedom of religion, expression and speech.

    I’m thrilled for our daughters and our sons.

  5. So happy for all of us!

  6. Your son said it so well Erin! I am so happy for your kids, my kids and all American youth. Their future now is now brighter. Health care in the U.S. can now reflect the kind of compassionate care for citizens that just about every other major, leading nation has had in place for years.

    Big hugs to you Erin for being such a strong leader for so many of us and supporter of our President – you’re an inspiration!

  7. Your son is a very bright kid, Obama is really for everyone. I don’t really agree with Romney on his view and I’m so happy that apparently everyone is thinking the same. Obama caters to every nationality, not only our fellow Americans which makes me proud to have him as our president again.


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