My 38th birthday was this week.

There is something rather peaceful about getting older and not caring as much when birthdays pass. Don’t get me wrong. I love gifts and attention more than anyone, but very honestly this time around I was entirely fine with getting the kids to school, doing laundry, and going to the DMV.

Yup, I spent my birthday at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The land of HAPPY.

But I awoke to homemade cards and homemade movie/date night tickets from my husband and kisses and hugs and I was entirely content.

Look what I got for my birthday! (Ignore the bad spelling) lol

A far cry from my 35th birthday where some of you joined us in Vegas in the Marilyn Monroe suite at Planet Hollywood where we lived it up until an ambulance was called and security *might* have gotten involved.

What a difference a few years and few hundred doctor appointments make.

You know what has been making me even MORE content? Celebrating my husband’s big 4-0 milestone. And continuing to celebrate throughout the week and weekend. It’s ridiculously fun to lavish someone and smother them with everything from big gifts to big parties. Putting a huge grin on his face makes me even more at peace and I get the feeling he’s juuuuuuuuuust fine with that.

I spent the rest of my week in treatment, recovering from Disney despite the wheelchair. Trying to keep up with the kids and their final two weeks of school before break. The holiday shows, the final projects. The parties, the teacher gifts. I know I’m forgetting something. I always am.

But with the chaos always comes the calm. Once again our family has been tried in ways I could have never have seen coming. A very ill aunt. A cyclone. A mundane broken kitchen sink. A speeding ticket. Parking ticket. Vasculitis, shoulder surgery, even multiplication tables gave us reasons to cringe and hug. Long story, don’t ask.

But we keep on keeping on. Maybe once again hugging a bit tighter. Snuggling a bit longer before bed. Having a harder time saying goodbye at the school room door. At the front door on the way out. Relieved as everyone walks back in for the day.

So while yes, I turned 38 this week without much craziness or pomp, it was exactly as it should be. I was content to be growing old with, hopefully, some grace. But more importantly, with those I love.


  1. Awesome! And my husband showed Lay Miz last night here in DC. He said it was great. But N.B., he was amazed by the performance of Anne Hathaway. He said she was Oscar worthy (ie don’t take the kids). xo

  2. LOL, Those tickets are utterly priceless, a gift all in themselves! Happy birthday Erin & Aaron, may you both have many, many more birthdays to come.

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