My daughter’s teacher approached my husband and I at a school function the other night and told us how much she just loves our little girl.

We beamed, as parents of awesome kids tend to do…

…and then the teacher told us, exactly, why she “just loves” her:

She’s still acts her age, you know? She doesn’t try to act seven going on 17 like the rest of my girls.

If you ask her something fun or silly, she will meow like a cat and scamper away or hop like a bunny.

She plays like little girls at this age should play. She’s still a little girl and I just love that…I wish they all were like that. They SHOULD be.

It was then I think we were even MORE proud.

It is not easy to keep our daughters from worrying about boys, clothing, or how they look in this day and age. I’m glad to know that my husband and I have survived keeping her some-what innocent for a tiny bit longer. I say that with her eighth birthday just around the corner.

What I would give for her kitty meowing days to last forever.

We got a kitty #allhailhala


  1. Arwen8Aragorn (@Arwen8Aragorn) says:

    And my kid’s teacher complains and gives my 7 year old “strikes” for the same exact thing. 🙁

  2. This past weekend, I noticed my 12-year-old (who has recently been acting like the attitudinal bitchy 16-year-old I vowed I’d never have) on the floor with her brother just…playing. She seemd so young, so normal, so…12. I wanted to bottle that moment and keep it forever. It is rare from her no matter how hard we try to contain her, keep her 12 and 12-like (but then society isn’t helping us much either, are they, with the padded bras and inappropriate clothing.) But. We’re still in control and I’m glad to see glimpses of a normal 12-year-old still coming through.

    My 9-year-old is full-on 9. She is still a little girl and I love it. She still plays hard with dolls, still enjoys imaginative play, still meows like your girl and again, I want to hold on to it (I may meow occasionally with her and play puppy with the boy just because.)

    @Arwen8Aragorn — I’ve heard this from a teacher of my 9-year-old, how she needs to be more mature, stop daydreaming and making up stories. Um, she’s 9. She’s a little girl. Let her be a little girl. As long as her “immaturity” doesn’t affect her learning/grasping, what’s the problem? (I may or may not have said “bitch please” in my head more than once during that conversation.)

  3. My sister is 18 and she still does stuff like that. There is HOPE!


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