Thank You, Colin Powell

but I am curious if this will change any minds…I sure hope so

Have No Real Solutions? Send Out Squirrels!

I don’t even know where to start with this one. But it seems there are some squirrels blogging for the GOP, attempting to hammer home that whole ‘ACORN’ thing. You know, the one where republicans are trying to claim Barack Obama is trying to steal the election by registering Mickey Mouse to vote in swing states.

Maybe they don’t quite realize that Mickey and Minnie won’t really show up and cast a ballot, and therefor not steal anything…but…whatever.

If the GOP is resorting to gimmicks like people in costumes.

Game over.

My Mom Is Changing The World (and you are too)

I’m feeling very empowered right now, so either run or duck.

I realize I get this way a lot…but something hit me today on the way home from BlogHer DC where I spent a day with hundreds of women (and a few men) plotting our world domination. (what? that’s totally what we do when we get together…you didn’t know that?)

I keep thinking about my mom*.

I know that sounds strange, she’s not a blogger or anything. But as I sat on my panel saying the things I also said at other conferences to audiences…my whole spiel about how womens’ power and influence now have the candidates courting us, not us going after them…how we’re dictating the news cycle…and how our work is actually making a difference….yada yada yada…

It hit me that my MOM is my one, Florida-living, Nana-microcosm of exactly what I mean.

Reading blogs (my Mom is a hesitant** reader of Queen of Spain, an avid reader of BlogHer, and she’s now a fangirl of MOMocrats -she thinks you momo’s are ‘sassy’ and ‘I just LOVE them’ about 50 times per phone conversation) my Mom has gained her own empowerment in this election and it pushed her out the door and to her local Obama HQ.

My Mom.

My Mom who always voted but that was about it. My Mom would tell my Dad and Uncle to stop arguing about politics and come eat. My Mom who now calls ME to yell about something she reads or sees.

Erin, uuuuuuugh I just couldn’t stand the look Palin got on her face when she answered that question…and she didn’t even ANSWER IT! ugh!

My Mom who went from volunteering to do a few phone calls for Obama, hesistant…to now attending volunteer BBQ’s and knocking on over 150 doors.

My. MOM.

She now knows, as do I…that she’s making a difference in Florida. When the latest poll came out, I very seriously said ‘It’s ALL Nancy! If Obama wins Florida, it’s because of Nanc!’

But that’s what’s happening everywhere. Using the tools of the web, people like MY MOM..the NONblogger, NONpolitico are getting fired up and doing what they can to make sure their voice is heard.

My Mom has been heard in Florida.

The woman sitting in the second to last row who submitted a question during a panel at BlogHer ’07, had THAT question, HER question, answered by Senator Obama on

A group of women blogging on this whacky world wide web can command the attention of each campaign, of the main stream media, and sit our sassy asses on CNN to tell THEM our expert opinion.

I always knew one person could make a difference. I always believed that if people wanted change, it really could happen. I always preached about the potential power we had in this space and at this time…But I honestly had never seen it in action until now.

Right now.

It’s amazing and I am empowered.

I hope you are too.

*..and apologies to my mom for not asking her first if I could blog this…but it’s too late to call Florida. Sorry Mom. But I hope it helps that you are totally a rockstar for getting out there and making a difference.

**…if you were my mom you’d probably be a hesitant reader of me too, ’cause lord only knows what I’ll say next.

Who Is He? Here You Go

Please watch the whole thing. Some great family stuff around the 9 minute mark, and the outtakes are great too. The new media guy at the end also taped my interview with Senator Obama.

Looking for Light

My favorite time of year here in Southern California is when I can open up my patio door in the morning. Our weather tends to be pretty extreme and usually I can’t open the windows and doors for fear we’ll sweat to death or freeze to death, leaving precious little time when I can enjoy my morning coffee outside with the birds and kids.

I missed that time entirely this year, and am heartbroken. I’m not sure if it’s goofy weather patterns due to man-made climate issues (yes, I said man-made on purpose, ’cause I crack myself up) or if I was just too caught up with work and the election to notice my short window of opportunity was here and gone.

I needed that time outside to clear my head, to be honest. This election has my emotions in a knot 24/7. Some of you wonder why I care so much. Some of you wonder if it’s all an act. Some of you have even gone so far as to accuse me of blogging as part of some vast conspiracy.

The truth is, I actually do believe. I actually do believe in hope and change and history. I actually do think people can make a difference and that Senator Obama is the guy who can bring it all about.

I wasn’t always like this. And I am not naive and stupid. It’s taken me trust to put so much faith in this man from Illinois. Everyone seems to forget that after I left reporting I trusted NO politician and found absolutely no person entirely worthy of my vote.

So what brought me to happy fun rainbow and unicorn land? Not, necessarily Senator Obama. Yes, Senator Obama…but not all him.

The people.

The people who are right there with me. Those hungry for change and those inspired by what they see in this leader. Those who took the leap of faith with me, and are now convinced it’s our only hope. Those who have rallied and volunteered and donated.

There are 26 days left of this thing, and I’m exhausted. I didn’t get my patio time outside. I can’t remember what day it is half the time. The opponent has gotten so nasty I fear for this country in a way I haven’t felt before. I fear for my kids. For real. Unexaggerated.

The very nasty route taken by McCain/Palin has me just sick.

So I need to turn now to the people who have inspired me all along.

My Mom who has volunteered for the campaign and went from phone banking to canvassing and knocking on more doors than the young kids in her group.

My friends who have thrown house parties, donated their time, and even started blogging to make a difference.

And I can’t help but think if I…little ‘ol me, the blogger…feels this way at this point, how those working in the campaign must feel. To be attacked nonstop since declaring. To be traveling and working non-stop.

But if I’ve learned nothing else this past week, it’s that after all this time, and after all this work, there is no way in hell this negative campaigning from the McCain/Palin side is going to upset me THIS much. No way in hell. Because I have the most amazing secret weapon. The one that will win this election and the one that began this entire movement.


Thank you.

26 days.

Dear Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida…

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO rocks my world.

h/t Culture Kitchen

*looks like maybe Michigan can refrain from watching…John McCain no longer cares about that state

Don’t Vote

No excuses.

Best Videos Ever In The History Of The World

Red Wings
My Kiddos

6:40 on the counter has two of my favorite things. But I recommend watching the entire video, at the end the Senator gets pretty fired up.

and my darling daughter showing her support. (and me screaming at the tv like a lunatic while watching the playoffs)