Reign Supreme

I’m listening to my mother and my brother discuss my daughter, and I can’t decide if I am thrilled or offended.

“She’s going to give you a run for your money.”

“She’s going to be the wild child.”

“The life of the party, breaking all the rules.”

“Battle of the wills. My money is on Princess Peanut- Erin, you’re going down.”

I just kept on slicing eggplant at the counter while they went on and on and on.

Needless to say the past few days with my 3-year old have been…let’s call them trying.

I’ve written about this before.Oh yeah and here. Oh…here too. And about 20 other times.

But she’s THREE.

3 sucks.

3 is worse than 2.

3 has phases.

3 can bite me.

3 can #suckit.

And so on. And so forth.

As I type this. our darling daughter is being sassy to her grandfather who made the mistake of trying to help her go potty.



And my Mom and brother are snickering from the couch and mentally pointing and laughing in my direction.

Everyone seems to be finding my ANGEL’s temper HILARIOUS.

High comedy.

The subject of very genuine belly laughs.


She might be more vocal than her brother before her…but no more difficult.

She’s certainly got more flair than her sibling…drama, shall we say…but no more difficult.

She is three. And three is killing me.

However…and this is a big HOWEVER…

I wrote the book on difficult.

The student must learn to respect the master.

The student needs to acknowledge the master.

The student still has a lot to learn about sass and manipulation.

If nothing else, Little Miss 3 needs a wait a few years before thinking she can take over the throne.


  1. I really Love Your site Queen of Spain! Can’t wait to read more!
    Kind Regards,

  2. Ah, but four is just around the corner. And four is AWESOME.

    Except for the questions every thirty seconds about everything in the universe from the profound and interesting to the utterly ridiculous and mundane. That’s the coolest thing ever for about three days before it’s mindnumbingly exhausting. But, you know. You can’t have everything.

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Jaelithe is giving me no hope. Should I just run away now?

  4. What does it mean when a 19m is acting this way? I’m really screwed then, right?

  5. I love it when they are trying like that- spunk is important for assertiveness skills. It makes me laugh too- when I’m not counting down to get her to do something! I secretly snigger behind my hand. Mine’s eight but this phase gets revisited with slightly more sophisticated phrases over and over!

  6. hi! I stumbled across your blog when searching for “baby tore his top frenulum”, and your post came up from January 5, 2006. I love your writing style and will be back often…

    what ever happened with the little Barron boy??? I hope he came through okay…


  7. I was looking for that because my baby *8 months* tore his, and today I found him in a puddle of blood in his bed… (how can so much blood come out of one small tear?!?)

    So I freaked and wanted to see if I needed to take him to the doc. Ugh, thank God no!

  8. The odd years suck – 1, 3, 5, 7 – I think it may be some secret pact among children. I’m coming up on a 1 and 7 and I’m pretty much screwed. Four rocks, and so does six. Three, not so much. Seven – I’m fearful.

    PS – 19 is odd, so, yes, you are screwed too.

  9. Ah what a relief! And here was me thinking it was just my three year old that was hideous! I take comfort from the fact that devil child syndrome is a common trait among three year olds….two didn’t seem half as bad. This is a great post and think I might forward it on to some of my mum friends who are suffering the same phase right now! Great blog by the way!

  10. Is boarding school an option?



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