1. She’s so cute! How old is she?

    My son’s just 19 months old but I can’t wait to have an interesting conversation with him when he grows older: http://tangerineslullaby.eachday.com/entries/396131-adleykot/items/395842

  2. OMG DYING LAUGHING. Go Hala! I’m pretty sure your daughter is the ONLY thing you fear 100%. Ha ha.

  3. She’s got a point, most of the Disney Princesses are tramps. Ariel got married at 16, I suspect she was pg at the time.

    BTW she is gorgeous.

  4. that is so awesome. makes me miss ballet… *sniff, sniff*

  5. LOL She’s adorable! I see you didn’t flee the country. 😉

  6. Queen of Spain says:

    Karen is 110% right.

  7. I am suddenly regretting redoing my daughter’s room in “Princess”. Little trollops!

  8. And I think Hala just guaranteed she’ll never be allowed to any parties as a teen.


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