Not really, but I’m a little tipsy, so I feel like I do.

In an honest effort to up my alkeehall tolerance level before BlogHer rocks the house, I had two, count them, TWO martini’s tonight. I’m such a freaking cheap date. Seriously. What does two drinks cost now-a-days?

Anyhoo, wanted to tell you kids about my kid, the boy one, and his superpowers. He found them yesterday morning in the driveway. His superpowers. Found them just sitting there on the driveway. So he did what any kid would do. He scooped them up, stuck them into his bellybutton, and went on with his day. Said, “There are my superpowers� scoop, sucked in his gut, and kept walking.

Here is the really fun part of that story…it was the Kaiser who saw it all and got to relay the whole thing to me. I love when crap like that happens and Daddy-who-works-ungodly-hours gets to be the one to see the supercool shit. That makes me happy.

Did I mention I swear EVEN more when I’m drunk. If that’s possible.

And about this whole meeting bloggers in real life thing…am really not nervous. Excited, but not nervous. Wondering how I will sneak out to nurse and not drink too too too much to get blogged about later (that freaking queen of spain, had TWO, count them TWO martinis and then went back to her room and NURSED her baby…we should call child protective services) because I KNOW I will end up flashing all of your cameras and I NEVER photograph well (hang on …the boobs photograph ok, the face, not so much) and I’m paranoid that I will not have any editorial control over your blogs. I like control. Yes, that’s one of my many therapy issues. Shut up, I’m getting better.

Anyway, that was my little way of saying one week left until we all meet. And seriously, will you guys know me, or will I need to wear a name tag or crown or something?

p.s. I know you guys are already over my tits because I totally gave you a HUGE picture of them a few posts back and it was like…eh, QofS’s tits again, no biggie.


  1. Superhero tipsy powers. That rocks. And I promise you I will NEVER say that your tits are no biggie. I would never think so little of breasteses.

  2. I’ve seen enough pictures of you that I should be able to pick you out of a crowd.

    I’m excited about meeting everyone as well. I hope we’ll all have some time for some unstructured fun, even if it’s just a group of us sitting in a hotel room together laughing and drinking, or singing karaoke, or whatever. It’s like Mommybloggers Gone Wild.

    I’m bringing my camera, but I think I’m going to leave the video camera at home. Because with video there’s no chance to explain your behavior.

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Wow. Head. OUch. Oh, my head. Ouch. Did I post yet again about my boobs? At least I’m off the bagina subject matter.

  4. I’ve seen enough pictures of your BOOBS and your ASS that I should be able to pick you out of a crowd.

    That’ll be a fun way to meet. When you see me, drop your pants, lift your shirt and cover your face. Then, we’ll see how well I know those body parts of yours, ok? You might want to go with an easy-access wardrobe.

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    Do you think they’d kick me out of the Hyatt and have me arrested or anything if I actually do the pant drop upon meeting you?

  6. I am so jealous. All I am going to be doing next week is taking care of my son and his little friend T. (No that is not the nick name for his penis. There actually is another little boy that I started taking care of this week. What the fuck was I thinking?)
    Next year girls. I am promising myself that next year I will be there too.

  7. Will you be dropping trou when we meet?


  8. Ooooh….how adorable! He found his powers. Yay!

  9. Do it, drop trou when you see Kelly.

    Maybe drinking would bring out my superpowers, too! It’s a thought, at least…

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