BUP! (go ahead and click)


  1. That’s precious!

    It sounds like she’s saying either “I want BUP!” or “Erin, BUP!” Either way…too cute!!

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    Oh, it’s I WANT BUP!
    Now amplify that by 100 and imagine her lifting my shirt in the produce section.

  3. Too funny! She’s a demanding little thing, much like my own child! I just love her to pieces.

  4. OMG how cute…

  5. AWWW!!! I was only able to nurse for 6 months and wished it had been longer. How adorable is she??

  6. Queen of Spain says:

    I just felt the need to prove I’m not a liar.

  7. I was more concerned about the looseness of that diaper……

  8. Queen of Spain says:

    …and the dirt under the chin and the bruise (from falling) on the cheek?

  9. Just like a woman. Strong and thirsty…hee hee
    I love her. That makes me laugh..

  10. OMG QofS, go check out Twisty’s latest piece on breastfeeding and be sure and click on the link to the “moron godbag.” I am speeeeeeeechless.

    Twisty Link

  11. rock on, erin. my mom nursed me till i pushed it away and said, “no more titty.” i hope (someday) i can live up to her/your example.

  12. Great link, Suebob! The only thing I was happy to see on that guy’s Web site was all the comments telling him how ridiculous the article is!!!

  13. I think she’s very cute. And I think it’s great you are still nursing. To hell with those who object. It’s really none of their business anyway.

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