Artists and instigators. We’ll be the first in the concentration camps.

Dr. Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Nice Pentagon Person,

I love America. God Bless the King. Or whatever I am supposed to say.

Seriously, you are freaking me out. I am holding out hope you are a nice office person who happens to just love the SHIT out of a Mommyblog. Please. Please tell me you are just a nice, non-gun toting office person. Because, really…I can’t imagine the government doesn’t have better things to do than check out a loud-mouth, anti-Bush, Mommyblogger.

I’m sure you are NOT someone trying to find a way to lock me or my family up in Gitmo or anything. Because, I’m guessing they don’t have facials there. Or care that I’m breastfeeding.

I’m just saying… (Military)
IP Address (Army Information SystemsCommand-Pentagon)
Continent North America
Country United States (Facts)
State District of Columbia
City Washington
Lat/Long 38.8933, -77.0146 (Map)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Javascript version 1.3
1024 x 768
Color Depth
32 bits

1 hour 52 minutes 44 seconds

35 page views (and counting)

p.s. Please feel free to allow me some sleep tonight and shoot send me an email you know, just to tell me you’re a secretary and not investigating me or anything. I would hate to think tax payer dollars were being used to make a file on little old me.


  1. Uh oh. So, now we know if you disappear what to make of it. Bye, Erin. We love(d) you!

  2. Oh your so fucked. The queen is …. Long live the Queen.

  3. Sorry I meant you’re – Damn English.

  4. Um…If I remember right I think we know someone from the Pentagon…a mom blogger, a BlogHer…I hope it is her.

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    I really, really, really hope Suebob is right.

    I know we know people in Gov. offices. But the Pentagon thing does not ring a bell.

    And I did get a little, um…sassy with Tony Snow. So, you know, I’d just feel better if I knew…

  6. I get a lot of army hits from people searching for porn.

  7. Eeep. And not just a quick visit either – that person was going back through archives to read a lot of your site.

    Then again, they do have files on nearly everyone. I’m a member of the SCA – a non-profit medieval history re-enactment group – and there is a file on them. Luckily, they’ve been deemed as harmless. Hopefully they’ll consider you the same.

  8. First off, good luck with that. Hopefully it means nothing, and it is just someone at work laughing at your posts (like I generally do). But you should have a plan, just in case.

  9. Wow, I’m totally scared for you!

  10. Whatever happens, just remember to use your get out of jail free card…”I am gay and I was molested by a clergyman.”

  11. whoa. my heart sank looking at that. i guess that’s because what we (you and i at least) most fear is TOTALLY effing possible. the only good that could come of it is that it would make a fabulous example of how off the charts those people are. wow. yikes. i’ll organize the protests for you if they cart you away . . .

  12. Your tax dollars are going exactly where mine go. To office workers who read blogs all day. Well, let’s hope. Go put tin foil on all the windows…ha ha…

  13. If it makes you feel better I know a couple of people who work in the Pentagon who might be reading you….of course you might not like it if they visit your house…..(kidding, kidding – not really).

  14. Yikes! That’s super freaky. Good luck with that one.

  15. Queen of Spain says:

    Yes, that totally makes me feel better Gidge. Thank you.

    I can sleep a little now.
    A little.

  16. Huh, you’d think that the PENTAGON would have a way to block it from coming up on stat counters. At the very least, if they’re making files on you, you’d think they’d do it in secret!

    I’m sure all is well and you’re really just THAT famous! 🙂

  17. A few months ago there was another mom’s blog who was accessed by someone from a government agency (perhaps even social services?) for an hour. I think it turned out that it was just a mom was reading on her lunch hour.

  18. Now I work for a govt agency in Oz and we do not have general internet access from our desktops. The only websites that I can look at during work time are other govt sites or university sites, or other sites which have been approved as useful to the job.

  19. I hope it was not some innocent person just surfing a few blogs for enjoyment and now facing the sack because you have outed them… :]

  20. You can hide in my basement.


    But seriously, that is scary. I would lock myself in my closet and never come out again. *shivers*

  22. Scott and I get those all the time at BushWhacked. Sorry, by posting that guest post, you probably marked yourself.

    Keep an eye out for black, windowless vans.

  23. canoe chick says:

    My dear Queen,
    Canada will take you! Flee now, while you still can… we are waiting with open arms!

  24. LOL.. maybe we’ll have adjoining cells in Gitmo! Because if they’re coming after you, they are definitely gonna grab my liberal, antiwar ass.

    Seriously, though – the laws that just passed regarding “enemy combatants” should make every American very nervous. We are a hair away from a dictatorship. Why else is Halliburton building detention centers “just in case of a national emergency”? It’s chilling.


  25. Don’t worry. I told you where the House and Senate hits were coming from (you two know who you are and were freaking all of my blogging friends out) I bet the Pentagon hit is just another DC blogger.

  26. We are all on a list somewhere, filed neatly and visited often. I have said “key words” far too frequently over “tapped” phone lines to not be on “the list”.
    As long as I don’t see my face, or name, on a Wanted List (or a trading card for that matter) I don’t give a shit what the assholes in DC think.
    We are in AMERICA after all.

  27. A reverse IP lookup on the IP address you listed yields as a contact address, if you really want to find out who’s reading the site. You might want to remember, though, that most government offices use a proxy system that shows the same IP address for many users connecting through their firewall. So this might be one person scouring the blog, or it might be several people in the same building who were sent a link to something funny on your blog and have all gone to look at it.

    (I’m a geek who’s a government contractor; if I were you I wouldn’t worry too much.)

  28. Queen of Spain says:

    Thanks Cobwebs, I don’t think I will…not yet anyway. They are on right now…whoever they are. 12 page views for over an hour this time. But NOT this front page yet. Plus, if it is just someone reading for fun, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

    I also don’t want to end up in Gitmo or anything. We’ll see.

  29. The page view thing is a bit weird. You should write your Congressman – seriously. More out of principle than any real fear of consequence for not toeing the country line. We need to fight every injustice like this at every instance.

  30. Um, I’m willing to bet you could get your Pentagon reader in much more trouble than he or she could bring down on you. People, please, step away from the paranoia.

    Just curious, why a secretary? Or did you mean Rummy?

  31. Queen of Spain says:

    So should I x out the IP??
    Maybe I will

  32. seriously, you can come to Canada – you can stay with me. The hot story on our local news tonight was a cat stuck up a tree, SERIOUSLY – and we are the 10th largest city in Canada!

  33. Queen! I don’t understand why you’re worried? You were just expressing your opinions! It’s not like you’ve got rifles in your rafters ready to overthrow the capital!

    Maybe the Pentagon’s HR dept. wants to add you to the White House Press Corps?

  34. Sometimes I check peoples’ blogs several times a day even if I’m not that interested in reading them. My life is so boring, it’s kind of a trip to see when these blogs are updated.

  35. Wow…that’s kind of creepy.

  36. Violet the Verbose says:

    I told Slipshod about this and he said that when he was posting about political stuff on his now defunct blog, he had lots of hits from Halliburton.

  37. I hope you’re not REALLY worried by this. Not my queenie. Seriously, there are automated programs and tons of scut-workers scouring the internet constantly (as well as, of course, cell phone calls, emails, etc. etc.) for “threats” against the government, and I can see where a statement like “head on a platter” on a public website–ESPECIALLY one of the highest-traffic anti-administration websites out there–would be taken nearly as seriously (in terms of requiring investigation) as someone writing a letter to the White House stating, “I want GWB’s head on a platter.” Except in the latter case, you’d be somewhere getting interrogated.

    So even IF your post triggered an automatic “check this out further” I STILL wouldn’t worry, because said checking will reveal exactly who you are: a pissed-off, concerned citizen among MILLIONS of pissed-off, concerned citizens.

    Hey, take it as a compliment–don’t you think they have a file on Arianna Huffington a MILE long? You’re big-time!

    Thank you for the wonderfuls, by the way–I’ll post pics on flickr tomorrow, and I wrote about it all a couple of days ago, while you were busy being put on “the list.” 😉

  38. I’m jealous, i had the same shock when i checked out my site stats and was deeply depressed when i saw they’s stayed the grand total of zero seconds….

  39. Why is no one checking me out? Don’t they know about what the coffee grinds are REALLY made of?


    Then, let me just quietly slip back out and see how that officer is doing in the woodchipper…

  40. Uh oh, maybe your “spy” or “spook” is really just someone trying to get you a message, ala the message to Neo in the Matrix…..


  41. Interesting comments.. 😀


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