Our Friday Nights Are NOT What They Used To Be

See for yourself. *and be sure to stick around to at least :10 in when the Kaiser gets his groove on.



  1. That is too cool. I love “Daddy dance with me” and he gets right on up there and boogies.

  2. Now I see why you married him. The man’s got the moves!

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Oh dear God don’t tell him that. It will only encourage him.

  4. Erin! I want to see you dance, too!

    That was so cute!

  5. Funny and sweet!

  6. LOL LMAO we were just talking about this last night as we realized we were overly excited when Dan Zane came on disney. Yeah. It’s changed a LOT.

  7. Funny, because that is A LOT like what my Friday nights used to be like. Except Aaron was usually holding a beer.

    I have video proof.

  8. Go Kaiser, go Kaiser, it’s your birthday, get your groove on!

  9. Nothing in this world is as much fun as a daddy-dance.

  10. Hilarious and sweet. And I got to watch the stupid LonelyGirl when I was over at Youtube

  11. Way too funny! Shake it, Kaiser!

  12. That is hilarious. Did you warn him it was going on the ‘net?

  13. Blogexplosion hit this time, but the dance was still just as sad…errrr… I mean funny the second time around:O

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