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**update–hear my slow blabbering on the BBC. Right around :25:52 into the newscast you will hear my lovely voice-the player is on your left

I’ve opened my big mouth again. This time, an entire country will be listening.

Welcome to my new readers from across the pond. I hear you guys have a Queen too. I wonder if she could make me honorary royalty or something. You know, put a little ooommmph behind my blog title.

Anyone over there got any pull?

**thanks to the KPCC NPR studios in Pasadena for allowing my voice to travel and annoy all of London*and beyond. 🙂

Everyone should also know this is the slowest I have ever talked for radio, in my life. I am a fast talker. And you have no idea how hard it was for me to slow myself down to the BBC pace. Go listen and laugh at me.


  1. There’s mair to Britain than merely London, y’know.

  2. Um. How do I get to hear you?

  3. Sarah, you can go to the link above,
    and follow the link for listening to the most recent programme.

    And, as to voter apathy, this, from Mark Fiore may amuse you.
    Your contribution was just broadcast (17:26 GMT) Sounded good.

  4. I have never been good at finding things, I kid you not… you could put something in front of my nose and if I am looking for it I will not find it… which is my way of telling you I am lost on the links… How do we get to hear you?

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    Thanks Ed! Did you see I edited for you? JUST FOR YOU!

  6. Have I told you lately that I think you’re smart?

  7. Babe, you totally rock! I really want to send my family there to hear you, but I don’t want them to come start reading your blog – sorry, but they might find my comments and from there MY blog. Do you have a written copy that I could send them via e-mail?

  8. Roy (from good old "Blighty") says:

    Driving home from work in the UK I heard your essay on BBC Radio 4. I got home eager to forward your brilliant disertation to many of my US-based and ex-pat friends of a like mind, only to find no transcript on your blog. Why? It should be required reading for every “emancipated” yank. Fantastic! As a Brit who lived for 12 years in the States I have become so frustrated that the folks in a country that I love can have been so deluded to have voted in Bush TWICE!!! Surely, you have by now realised the gross error in your ways. Despite my frustratio, I still have faith, not like that faith so malevelantly prevalent in the Far Right Bible Belt, but in those free-thinkers who believe that might is not all, that counters to global warming can’t be put off to tomorrow, that Roe vs Wade came to the sane conclusion, that stem cell research can, in the future, bring such enornous benefits to those sufferring such debilitating diseases. Time to make the biggot a “lame duck”!

    YES!!! VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!! but vote wisely!!

  9. Hello, Queenie!

    -hangs head- I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d see me and (I know we don’t always agree on politics) because you sent me a good luck email from the CE list ……so you know…..I figured you knew!

    Forgive me? Thanks for the welcome and the congrats!

    For some reason I can’t get to the part where you are speaking. It’s not liking me, but I’ll keep trying!

  10. just listening to the radio to hear you. The Beeb is VERY popular here in India. I have to agree with Roy(from Blighty) that it seems impossible that Bush was voted back a second time. By the way, I’ve been telling everyone that I know from America who is a liberal, about you.

  11. I think you sounded beautiful!

  12. I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!! I have been trying to listen to it since your ever so sweet email but I still cannot… but I WILL keep trying!

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