Puddles of Mud

I’ve been accused of blogging (or playing on second life) too much, while my children light mattresses on fire.

I’ve been accused of NOT paying attention while they say three MILLION TIMES “Mommy watch me! Mommy watch me! Mommy watch MEEEEEEE!!!!”

While I will not indulge you with the details of how I may not exactly qualify for the mother-of-the-year in 2007, I will tell you I had TWO eyes on them and engaged when both of my children did exactly what I told them to and stopped playing in the sprinklers.

Of course I assumed, as I saw the backs of their heads move up and down, that they were playing with sidewalk chalk on my patio…but they were giggling and laughing out loud and seemingly doing what I asked…NOT getting wet in the sprinklers.

When I stopped watching out the kitchen window and stepped outside to see their works of art on the concrete, I was a little…um…well…you tell me…



  1. That picture just made my entire day.
    Ok, I just scrolled up to look at it again…
    it’s simply wonderful.

  2. Ahhhh, that’s the best picture I’ve seen all day!

  3. I love this photo. Simply priceless. I dread the day Dawson gets into mud. 🙂

  4. But they look so happy!

  5. What a great photo! They look like they are having a blast.

  6. I love it! My best childhood memories involve mud!

  7. It is like negative 600 here today and we are having a huge snow storm that I have already tried to shovel and am about to go back out and try again. I would take the mud over that any day!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Ah, those smiles that say, “Look how wet and dirty we are and we know that you told us not to but look how proud we are of doing it anyway!” My kids have those same smiles!

  9. That is some good fun there!

  10. Holy crap welcome to my world. Sounds identical to what would happen here with my two. Usually I find they are into the hose when the water hits the kitchen window though. THEN I find the mud puddles and most of the time missing clothes.

  11. Well, they stayed out of the sprinklers…

  12. That is too damn adorable, the story and picture.

  13. Great photo. Love your blog. I’m a blogger on the new http://www.family.com site (Princess_Peg’s Balancing Act), as well as our site, http://www.whitetrashmom.com. You are very funny.

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