Virtual Nurse-In

…I’m breast friends with the League of Maternal Justice (HBM and Kristen) and taking part in today’s day of action. Behold, the Tit Brigade! I submitted your breastfeeding photos found on the tit brigade to their montage! Hala and I are missing (pout) so I’ll add us to the bottom here…but many of your beautiful, milk-giving ta-tas are there in all their glory!


  1. What a great picture! How old is she?

  2. this was wonderful and so moving. thank you!

  3. Well done. This seriously brought tears to my eyes. Lovely way to start the day.

  4. I sure wish I had pics of me feeding the kids…I’m sad about that. It’s a great cause and a wonderful video. Go MOMS!

  5. Weird you weren’t included. Must’ve been a mistake because you are like the Captain CaveMan of Breastfeeding.

    Or,some other cartoon character who is equally enthusiastic and loud.

  6. I got left out, too, because I was too late to get my picture in. But I love that picture of you and Hala.

  7. Go mamas! Yikes, the pull-back, I remember those days!

  8. I LOVE this video. It is so beautiful, I’m feeling all choked up. I needed to be reminded of the beauty of breastfeeding today. My daughter has suddenly, at seven months, started breastfeeding non-stop and I’m sore and worn out, just like when she was first born. I’m happy to do it, but just needed the emotional pick me up this video provided. Thank you.

  9. I LOVE this video. I think Mark Zuckenberg, owner of Facebook has forgotten that he can grew up because of her mother breastfed him. Go MOMS !!

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