Message To YouTube

On behalf of the League of Maternal Justice breastfeeding montage “banned” by YouTube, I give you my Message to the Asshats at YouTube. Apparently they prefer this over letters to the editor, so here goes…

and I’ll have you know I did this quick video despite this from the other day:

and THIS today: (look familiar?)

Yup, different kid, same couch. This one came with bonus hives!


  1. I love Erin-telling-YouTube-to-suck-it, much more than Erin-telling-you-how-to-bake-a-gallette. 😉

    Ugh. Hives. Is that hand-foot-mouth, or too much Motrin?? Suck-diddalie-suck!!

  2. That’s fantastic.

  3. The youtube thing…not the sick kiddies/hives.

  4. And I thought I was doing good to blog when my kiddo was sick.

    They are idiots.

    They wouldn’t ban a jerk-off that stole a photo of my daughter (fully clothed and 4 years old at the time) and talked about her “tits”, but they’ll ban a video of mothers FEEDING THEIR CHILDREN.

    May they be cursed with having to drink formula for the rest of their lives if they don’t listen up.

  5. You go, woman! I especially like your little question – er, challege – at the end. Hee.

    Um, hives? Holy moley, is she allergic to something or what? Happy well wishes for a FULL recovery SOON for both of the kiddoes! I don’t know how you do everything you do. You have my admiration, darlin’!

  6. Thank you! Your video is all that and a cup of tea. I am so mad at YouTube, that I have not loaded a video this week (I load often normally).

    Good luck with the sick kids.

  7. That’s AWESOME!

  8. Very nice, very composed. Love it.

    Poor kid. Hope those hives go away soon.

  9. very nice. I’m glad to know you!

    I breast fed both my boys for over a year each. DS1 was 16 months and DS 2 for 14 months.

    Some days the looks I got from friends and family to “still!” be breast-feeding them when they were toddlers was enough to bring me to tears. But 16 and 14 months is better than the NONE that my (now former) MIL and SILs did. So, I guess they were against it from the start.

    Please let me know if I have to boycott YouTube. It will be sort of hard but I’ll even go back and remove YouTube posts if I have to.

    stupid asshats.

  10. Go Erin! I love the way you presented that — not as an outright bitch, but letting them know you could easily become one!

    And so sorry about your kiddos. Hope they both feel better soon.

  11. Awesome message. Sorry I missed it earlier. I’ve been gone from the blogosphere and I can’t seem to catch up!

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