What I Did During the SoCal Winter Storm of ’08

First I cursed a bit because the Internet went down.

Then I cursed a bit because the Republicans were debating from Florida and making my head explode.

Then I decided to play doctor with the kids, as Princess Peanut was sick of spinning around after dressing HERSELF.

The children promptly got a fan (being used as a ‘head cut bandaid’) stuck in my hair.

We struggled over who could get said fan out of said hair best.

Both children tried, some harder than others.

The fan was freed after Mom realized it was actually two different toys stuck together and could easily be pulled apart.

Our garage is flooding and I’m pretty sure my back yard could use a canoe. Maybe some rafts.

Pray the internet says on.


  1. hello queen of spain,

    i’m coming over here from micah’s blog (learn to duck). this is my first time here so maybe i shouldn’t make requests but i’m going to anyway. how do i get a photo trade invite?

    ok, i’m gonna go have a look around your blog now. have a good weekend.


  2. If I didn’t read your blog I’d never know what goes on in our house.

  3. I second the sentiment, “kill me now”. It’s virus/bacteria central at our house. I fucking hate this.

    Queenie, we should take a vacation. We can even take the kids and leave the hubbies at home.

  4. Kids are so much fun. My daughter woke me up by jumping on my crotch this morning.

  5. Wow, all this makes me feel better for my surgery. Your lives are even more trying…and virus…wow while I was in the hospital I was panicked at the dirt and if it would invade my body… So far so good.

    Regarding the water…in your home…good luck there is nothing worse…

  6. Internet or not… I’d take a peanut even if it came with stress. So cute!

  7. But they’re so damn Cute, those kids of yours! Of course, if you’re like me (please say yes) you get tired of playing in, oh, about ten minutes? There’s a lot of ten minutes in a day. Hu.

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